4 Last Minute Tips for UPSC IAS Exam Aspirants

The Civil Services Examination, conducted by the UPSC every year, is considered one of the toughest examinations. The success rate in this exam is very low. Only a few hundreds make it to the final list, while the number of students who appear for this examination is in lakhs. This article gives some important tips that will come in handy when the exams are approaching very near.

Aspirants of UPSC IAS Exam can reap benefits from the details shared in the below article.

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Last-Minute Tips – UPSC Civil Service Examination

Even after many times of revision, it is natural for the aspirants to panic right before the examination. The worry of not having studied enough kicks in. Last few days before the Prelims exam is the time to relax and revise. Don’t let anxiety take over and let your year-long preparation go waste. 4 important strategies that need to be implemented during the very end of the UPSC Civil Service exam preparations are listed below

Do Not Read any New Topic

Trust your preparation and believe that whatever you have studied till date is the best you could have done. Do not pick up a fresh topic to be studied just before the exam, there are slightest chances that you will remember any topic you study at the last moment.

Solve Mock Test Papers

Solving mock tests will help in boosting confidence. With 100 questions to be answered in one hour, it becomes important to manage time and at the same time ensure that the OMR sheet is shaded with the right answer. In order to boost confidence and learn time management, the best thing to do is solve as many papers as possible.

Stay Positive and Believe in Your Preparation

Most of the students fail to clear the preliminary examination despite having put in a lot of hard work in preparation. This mostly happens because of the lack of faith in oneself and negative self-talk.  Right before the examination, it is essential to tell yourself that you have prepared enough and you, cannot go back in time and study more. Self-doubt and pessimism will not help you in the exam. It is good to prepare for the worst, but it is equally important to expect the best!

Revise! Revise! And Revise!

UPSC Prelims requires you to remember a lot of facts and figures. The only way to remember all the important points is to revise multiple times. It is extremely important to understand that cramming will not work. You need to understand the topic and go through multiple revisions to remember the topics. So, a last few days before the examination must exclusively be reserved for preparation.

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The above details would help candidates prepare for UPSC 2022

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