7 Thoughtful tips to Every IAS/IPS aspirant

You can become a successful IAS Officer only when you develop your personality according to the requirements of the post. Thus, in order to become a civil servant, you have to come out of your comfort zone and work hard towards your goal.

Here are some thoughtful tips to IAS/IPS aspirants from toppers of Civil Services Exam.

1Respect your culture, society and language

Aspirants should have a thorough knowledge of our country. They should be knowing our culture, society and diversity in language.

2Read more than one Newspaper

Candidates should read more than one newspaper on a daily basis; Reading more than one newspaper including regional language dailies gives aspirants a balanced approach to any issues in the news.

3Avoid mugging up

Candidates should not mug up the facts. Even if some choose to attend coaching classes, it is advised to make their own notes and study instead of mugging up the sources provided by the IAS Coaching classes.

4Going beyond the peripheral knowledge

Superficial learning doesn’t work for IAS exam. It is not necessary that an IAS aspirant should know everything under the sun but one should have the in-depth knowledge about the areas what they know e.g. about their birthplace and about the world and should acquire knowledge to assess the happenings in the society.

5Choose the language you desire for Mains Exam

This is what the toppers say that the commission supports all languages mentioned in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution and the Commission is committed to respecting languages and is not against any particular language so choose the language in which you want to write the UPSC Mains Exam.

6Language for the Interview

You should choose only that language in which you are comfortable. Also, many say that the language for the interview can also be chosen as the commission appoints expert interpreters to translate what the candidates say in the interview but one has to make sure to give clear answers as in case of misinterpretation one may be blacklisted.

7Speak from the Heart with All Honesty

It is rightly said-’Honesty is the best policy’. Candidates should be honest in the personality test or interview round. If they don’t remember or have no clue about the answer for the question asked by the commission then all they have to do is, to be honest, and say humbly that they don’t know or remember.

These are the few most common thoughtful suggestions given by many people who have cleared the UPSC Exam and are in the civil services, which every IAS or IPS aspirant should think about when they decide to become an IAS/IPS Officers.

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