Tips To Speak English Fluently In Interview

Interview is one of the major sections of selection process for the Bank examinations. Candidates have to conflict with the candidates who are very good in communication. So the candidates who are aspiring to have a career in Banking sector it’s time to prepare yourselves for the interview.

Below are some tips and strategies which will help you to improve your fluency.

Maintain a steady pace while speaking

Candidates think that if they speak fluently, they will have good control. For your information it is not so, you must speak in a steady pace, the same way you speak your native language and remember your pace should neither be too fast nor too slow.


Fluency is the most important part during an interview, the fluency of a candidate is judged by three categories related to Smoothness, Flow and Coherence of speech.

Smoothness- Smoothness is related to the pauses, silences, repetition and self corrections. This judges the smoothness of your speech hence avoid long pauses and avoid repetition.

Flow –This judges the candidate’s ability to give answers that are lengthy. Candidates should avoid giving one word answers or short answers.

Coherence- Candidate should maintain a logical order during speaking. It reflects the idea about your organization and how you make people understand your point of view.  

Avoid thinking about grammar and tenses rules:

Candidates should avoid thinking too much about grammar and tenses, as it affects the fluency. If, a candidate feels that he/she is weak in English grammar then they are advised to make short and simple sentences, so that they would make less errors and would be able to explain your point clearly. Also avoid uses of present continuous tense as they are difficult to use.

Use words that link one sentence to another

Candidates can use certain words and phrases while speaking so that they can maintain their coherence and to avoid silence.

When you complete a point and need some seconds to think don’t stop to think just stretch the point with a sentence like and the reason is or you can use I would also like to mention this.

Use linking words like:

  • Similar to
  • Such as

Keep in mind not to overuse them. Otherwise it will stand as you are lacking confidence.

Avoid foreign Accent/Slang:

Avoid using foreign accent. It will increase your difficulty in order to fake the accent of native English speakers. Keep your own accent speak in a steady pace, otherwise it will sound unnatural.

Don’t use unfamiliar words:

For this, those candidates who have a great vocabulary have an advantage. Don’t use word whose meaning is not known to you or difficult to pronounce, it will lower down your confidence as well as fluency. So, just use right words at right place.

These suggestions will definitely help the candidates, to be fluent while appearing for an interview.

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