Tips To Speak English Fluently In A Bank Interview

In this article, we shall take you through some useful tips and tricks to speak English fluently during a bank interview.

The interview is one of the major sections of the selection process for different bank exams. Candidates who are weak in Spoken English usually face tough competition from other candidates who have excellent communication skills.

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Hence, candidates who are aspiring to have a career in the banking industry should spare enough time to prepare themselves for the bank interview, other than devoting time for the Common Written Examinations (CWE).

Aspirants need to qualify the Prelims and Mains phases of the bank exam before they reach the Interview phase. Given below are the links which shall help candidates ace the Online Computer based examination and reach the Interview level of the exam:

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Top Magical Tips To Improve Eloquence In Spoken English

Given below are some of the best tips and strategies that will help candidates to speak English fluently during a bank interview:

  • Maintain a steady pace while speaking:

Many candidates assume that speaking English fluently determines having good control over the language. However, that’s a big misconception! Rather than speaking English in a hurry, it is advisable for candidates to maintain a steady pace during a bank interview just as they speak their native language. Having done that a candidate can maintain at a uniform pace which is neither too fast nor too slow.

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  • Fluency in Speech:

Fluency is the most important part of an interview. During bank exam preparation, it is imperative for a candidate to note that the fluency in English is judged by three categories related to Smoothness, Flow and Coherence of speech:

  1. Smoothness: Smoothness is related to the pauses, silences, repetition and self-corrections. This judges the smoothness of a candidate’s speech. Hence, he/she should avoid long pauses and avoid repetition during the bank interview.
  2. Flow: Flow judges the candidate’s ability to give detailed and lengthy answers to certain tricky questions. However, candidates should avoid giving a one-word answer or short answers to questions that require detailed explanation.
  3. Coherence: Candidates should maintain a logical order while speaking. It reflects the idea of your organizational skills and how you convince people to understand your point of view.

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  • Avoid thinking about grammar and tenses rules:

Candidates should avoid thinking too much about grammar and tenses, as it affects the fluency in speech.

If a candidate feels that he/she is weak in Vocabulary, then they are advised to make short and simple sentences. By doing this, there are fewer chances of making errors and would be able to explain his/her point clearly.

Candidates should also avoid using present continuous tense as they are difficult to use and implement.

But if candidates are willing to work on their Grammar, they can check the links given below and learn the basics of tenses and grammatical rules:

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  • Use words that link one sentence to another

During bank exam preparation, candidates can use certain words and phrases while speaking so that they can maintain their coherence and avoid silence.

When a candidate completes a point and needs some seconds to think, it is recommended to continue thinking by stretching the point with a sentence. Using the below references or linking words can also be used like:

  • Similar to
  • Such as

Having said that, a candidate should ensure that he/she does not overuse them. Otherwise, this would be a clear indication of lack of confidence from the candidate’s part.

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  • Avoid Foreign Accent/Slang:

Many candidates try to adopt a foreign accent to create an impression. This should be strictly avoided. It will increase the difficulty of the candidate and give a negative viewpoint to the interview panel.

It is obvious that faking an accent of native English speakers can cost dearly to a particular candidate. Hence during bank exam preparation, candidates should try to speak in a clear and steady pace to maintain original speech and avoid sounding unnatural.

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  • Don’t use unfamiliar words:

For this part, candidates who have a great vocabulary have an advantage. However, candidates should avoid using jargons or idioms which they are unsure of. Failure to pronounce a particular word during a bank interview can lower the confidence of a particular candidate and affect his/her speech while answering a particular question.

  • Have Knowledge About Banking & Current Events:

The Interview panel in the bank exams may come up with questions related to the recent events and may also test your knowledge about the banking sector. Thus, it is important that the candidates keep themselves updated with the news and events across the world and also have sound knowledge about the static General information about the world and history and evolution of banking in India.

Candidates can refer to the links mentioned below to ace this part of the Interview:

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Hence, it is imperative for candidates to read more bank exam books, newspapers, journals, etc. during their bank exam preparation and learn the usage of different words in a sentence. This will definitely help the candidates, to be fluent while appearing for a bank interview.

For the latest tips and tricks for bank preparation of upcoming bank exams, stay tuned to BYJU’S updated content and learn more.


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