4 Habits Of Successful People Who Cracked Bank Exams

Every year almost lakhs of candidates appear for the bank exams like ibps po, sbi po but only a handful of them get selected in the banking sector. Ever wondered what those handfuls of them had in common that the rest lacked in? It’s not that they had all the best books and went to the best coaching; many of them were not even from a well to do family.

Intelligence? Well, that’s one very important key but what we fail to acknowledge is that what they did everyday i.e. their daily schedule.  After seeing the interviews of various such intellects, it is seen that they all had similar ways to prioritize their jobs. When asked about their secret to success most of them replied: “it’s how we studied”. It is now clear that they had some analogous habits that they might not be aware of and that is what separated them from the lot.

The 4 most common habits that those successful people inherit are summarized here. These will also help other aspiring candidates to synchronize these habits in their daily schedule and be the one they dream to become.

  1. Reading current affairs daily: 

    The successful people feed their brain with current affairs daily. The general awareness section is one very important section in bank exams. Reading the current affairs daily would not only increase the general awareness but also increase the chances of cracking the exam easily. In the exam, 40 questions are asked from the current affairs of past 4-5 months. So it is very important to read the current affairs daily than to read everything at once before the exam. 

  2. Reading newspaper daily: 

    The newspaper is the best source for feeding the brain with all the current affairs and knowing about different financial issues and economic changes around us. The successful people realize it well and they read the newspaper daily. This habit not only helps the candidate for the general awareness section but will also help them during the interview where such economic related issues are frequently asked. 

  3. Preferring self-study over coaching centers: 

    The successful people know the 3 R’s of education very well i.e. Registering, Remembering and Retaining. Registering is gaining knowledge and information from teachers or professors while remembering and retaining is totally dependent on a person’s self-study. Hence self-study should be given more preference than going to the coaching classes. 

  4. Having a positive mental attitude: 

    Not all successful people achieved success in their first attempt. There may be multiple failure stories behind every success stories we come across. The successful people never let their failures to stop them from achieving big. This should be the attitude in every one of us and the positive results are ought to follow.

There is always more to reach for and room to improve ourselves. Our habits will always define who we are and what our capabilities are. There is nothing we can’t achieve if we keep learning from our mistakes and be the one who can inspire.

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