INS Talwar: Facts for UPSC

INS Talwar (F40)  is the lead ship of the Talwar-class frigates of the Indian Navy. She was built in Russia, and commissioned into the Indian Navy on 18 June 2003.

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Design and History of INS Talwar

INS Talwar a guided-missile frigate. It is a modified version of Krivak III-class frigates made by Russia. The equipment, most of them, are from Russia, but there are a significant number of equipment from India as well.

INS Talwar was built at the Baltiysky shipyard. Launched in May 2000 it underwent sea trials at the Baltic Sea in 2002. It completed sea trials on 29th May of that year. It was formally accepted into the Indian Navy on 18 June 2003  arriving at its home port at Mumbai on 12 August following a ceremony in St. Petersburg.
What is a Frigate?

A frigate is a type of warship. In different eras, ships classified as frigates have had very varied roles and capabilities.

After World War II, a wide variety of ships have been classified as frigates. Often there has been little consistency in usage. While some navies have regarded frigates as principally large ocean-going anti-submarine warfare (ASW) combatants, others have used the term to describe ships that are otherwise recognisable as corvettes, destroyers, and even nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers.

Characteristics of INS Talwar

The table below gives characteristics of INS Talwar

Characteristics of INS Talwar

Length 124.8 m
Speed 56 km/h
Range 7,810 km
Sensors and

processing systems

Surface Search; 1 x 3Ts-25E Garpun-B radar at I-band frequency, 1 x MR-212/201-1 radar at I-band frequency, 1 x Kelvin Hughes Nucleus-2 6000A radar and 1 x Ladoga-ME-11356 inertial navigation and stabilisation suite
Armament Anti-air missiles:

  • 24 × Shtil-1 medium range missiles
  • 8 × Igla-1E (SA-16)

Anti-ship/Land-attack missiles:

  • 8 × VLS launched Klub, anti-ship cruise missiles


  • 1 × 100mm A-190E, naval gun
  • 2 × Kashtan CIWS

Anti-submarine warfare:

  • 2 × 2 533mm torpedo tubes
  • 1 × RBU-6000 (RPK-8) rocket launcher
Aircraft carried 1 x Ka-28 Helix-A, Ka-31 Helix B or HAL Dhruv helicopter

Frequently Asked Questions about INS Talwar


Which Indian Army Regiment is the INS Talwar affiliated with?

The ship is affiliated with the 16th Cavalry of the Indian Army and continues to be a frontline warship of the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet.

What role has INS Talwar played in the Indian Ocean?

The Talwar is a multirole stealth frigate and has participated in various operations and exercises since her commissioning, including anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia.

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