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What is the full form of IPCONFIG?

The Full Form of IPCONFIG is Internet Protocol Configuration.

Functioning as a DOS program or a console application program, IPCONFIG collects data and displays the entire Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network configuration, refreshes the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol /DHCP and Domain Name Server/ DNS. Other information that it displays constitutes the IP address, the default gateway for all adapters, and subnet mask. IPCONFIG is also compatible with the Apple OS, React OS developed by Ged Murphy, having the General Public Licence, and Microsoft Windows.

How Does IPCONFIG Function?

IPCONFIG, while running on the Windows of the React OS, also enables forceful refreshing of the host computer’s DHP IP address, following which they request for a different IP address. Meanwhile, IPCONFIG is applied in macOS as the command-line interface used to manage bootstrap protocol and the DHCP Client.

Specifications of IPCONFIG

  • The IPV4 layer settings of TCP/IP
  • Maximum length for the connection request determined by IPCONFIG
  • Updating of the IP layer of TCP/IP completed via IPCONFIG
  • IPCONFIG enable checksum processing for IPv4 packets

Benefits of IPCONFIG

  • Displays the complete system configurations
  • DHCP leases are refreshed using IPCONFIG
  • DNS names are reregistered
  • Support for raising request for new IP address
  • DNS resolver cache information displayed and flushed
  • Complete Class IDs that are allowed are on display

Restrictions of IPCONFIG

  • Efficiency is less
  • Uses Netlink socket to transmit data between kernel and user
  • Need to memorise command options, which is not an easy task
  • Amateurs will find it difficult to do owing to the dependency on command line

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