7 Ways To Crack IBPS Po In 3 Months

IBPS PO 2017 exam is nearby and all the aspiring candidates should have started with their preparations as only a few months are left, out of which at least 3 months are required for preparation of IBPS PO 2017.

This article will suggest some guidelines which if followed can help you in getting IBPS Score Card in just 90 days/ 3months, as with strong will of getting through the IBPS PO 2017 if the student is dedicated enough. The tips and tricks given below in the article can help the candidate in cracking the IBPS PO 2017:

  • Segregate & Set Targets

When the aspiring candidate for IBPS PO are able to divide and break down the entire study plan of the whole syllabus or course into weeks or further into days, helps the candidate to focus on target that has to be achieved on that particular day and it is advised that the candidates should segregate the syllabus to avoid overwhelming.


  • Analysis Of Weak Areas and Preparing Accordingly

We recommend the candidate to find the areas or topics in which they are less skilled. Once the candidates are able to find these areas, only then the chance of improvement will be implied. This analysis should be done by prioritizing and taking one topic of every section and finishing it on the same day.

  • Remember Shortcuts & Tricks

To indent up the IBPS PO capability, the candidates should be clear about each and every concept. Tricks that the candidate is opting for the IBPS PO should be short because short tricks will enable the candidate to solve more number of questions in less time duration.

  • IBPS Pomodoro Technique

Focus on the IBPS PO preparation can be enhanced with IBPS Pomodoro Technique, in this the studying material or syllabus is required to be divided into batches of 30 minutes. Where out of these 30 minutes, 25 minutes are denoted as study or preparation time whereas the remaining 5 minutes are given for rest.

We recommend that the candidates should at least do 4 Pomodoros in a day, after that 15 minutes break and again start with the whole process when IBPS PO exams are just 2 weeks away.

  • Enhance Speed & Accuracy

The candidates who are able to solve and answer 200 questions in 2 hours and easily go through with IBPS PO exam as the speed with accuracy is the key for qualifying the IBPS PO 2017 exam.

  • Don’t Pass on English & General Knowledge

The mentioned sections are the most scoring sections and also requires very less time as compared to other sections of the exam, so we advise the candidates to not to ignore the English Language & General Knowledge for IBPS PO exam as good knowledge of these sections can give an advantage to a candidate over other candidates.

  • Practice but Don’t be Overwhelmed

Practicing during the preparation for IBPS PO exam candidates give many mock tests and keeping on revising the syllabus, but there is always something in a book and any study material that the student is not able to cover up or miss out. Don’t be overwhelmed because an understanding of the concepts is important.

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