Prepare IBPS Clerk Exam General Awareness

The General Awareness section is one of the most unpredictable and complex subjects in IBPS Clerk Exam. It tests the applicant’s knowledge of all the important national and international news. So a candidate needs to have a good knowledge and be updated with the current affairs or the latest happenings around.

Preparing for General Awareness at the last minute during the exam might lead the candidates to be perplexed. Candidates should have an efficient and focused preparation that gives them maximum results on the efforts they put in and at the same time does not waste their time. Below are some important points on how to prepare for IBPS Clerk Exam General Awareness.

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  • Hit the Internet button

One of the best ways to find important news on current affairs, world economics, ongoing business deals, political news and much more is to take help from the world of internet. From this medium candidates can get all the important information and can remember them in a better way. Candidates can also get notes and articles of the news they are interested in so they can read in detail.

  • Commit to news regularly

Watching proper news channel and reading newspaper daily is the best way for candidates to improve their knowledge about current affairs. Candidates should make a habit of reading at least one newspaper daily and watching the proper news for half an hour a day.

  • Keep digging for information and facts

Candidates should research on whatever doubts that arises while studying general awareness for IBPS Clerk exam. They should dig the information and facts that will be necessary for their preparation for IBPS Clerk. There will be thousands of search results for news; candidates should have a good judgment for what to choose for their preparation.

  • Follow magazines

Magazines are one of the best sources of generating knowledge about general awareness. Information about authors and books, personalities and awards, country capitals and famous places will be available in this source.

  • Solve previous year’s question papers

Candidates should solve previous year question papers of IBPS Clerk exam if they have not practiced GK over the past few months and they have a lot to prepare. Solving previous year’s question papers will give them an examination feel. It will also give them an idea about the question pattern which comes in IBPS Clerk exam.

  • Take notes

Candidates should take notes of all the important information they get so that they can revise them in the last minute of the exam. Taking notes also help the candidates to remember the points for a longer time and they do not forget what they have learnt.

  • Take online GK test

Candidates should make efforts to take part in an online discussion about topics of national interest and current affairs. They should participate in online GK test and stay active by following leading channels and websites.

  • Analyze your strong area

Candidates should find out their strong areas and prepare for them first. They should prioritize the topics from the General Awareness according to their strength. This can help candidates in scoring good marks.

As we can see that General Awareness is a very vast subject and candidates should be thorough with day to day current affairs to score a good marks in the exam. Although it is very versatile, with hard work and proper learning method candidates can cover the whole part easily.

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