Why Do People Go For Bank Or Ssc Jobs Not Mba

According to the latest statistical report, there are people who aspire to join the banking sector or appear for SSC exams. While on the other hand there are candidates who are interested to do higher studies, MBA nowadays is pursued by many. However, the latest research shows that maximum candidates are up to giving bank or SSC exams.

MBA nowadays is excessively costly for the maximum number. Lakhs of aspirants desires to study MBA but due to its high cost, it becomes difficult for people to afford. The consumption of time is another factor why people do not want to lose their 2 years of peak time. Instead they join the banking or SSC sector.

MBA is a kind of investment for some as they get a bright future later but placement depends on their performance. Even if they perform better, the students are placed in some private sector companies where they do not get job security and other facilities they require. These are the main reasons why people are interested in banks or SSC jobs and drop their interest to go for higher education.

Bank or SSC jobs assure a secured career for the candidates. The salary range in the banking or SSC jobs is quite descent. These two are the main reason why people choose this over higher studies. Apart from this:

  • Decent salary: There is a decent salary in bank or SSC jobs, which is guaranteed every month on time. In private sector, the salary depends upon the performance and company’s profit. But in public sector jobs, there is a fixed handsome amount which gets credited at the end of every month.
  • Pension policy: There is a complete assurance where after retirement a pension policy prevails until death. The retired person gets a good amount to secure his future. Nevertheless, in private sector, there are no such pension policies as in bank or SSC jobs.
  • No work pressure: There is almost negligible workload in the public sector where the candidate gets leisure for a long duration. Less work indicates less tension and pressure. In private sector, the work pressure is too much. One has to fulfill all the targets and assignments.
  • No assessment: Once the candidate gets into bank or SSC jobs, he/she can enjoy their freedom. It does not matter whether one works for a given time, irrespective of this the person will be paid and in private sector this is not the case. The person is judged based on assessment.
  • Housing facility: The housing allowance is provided to every employee where either one can avail quarters or is paid the housing allowance every month.
  • Other allowances including health: There is a facility of free healthcare for all the employees along with their family. The other allowances include traveling allowance, dearness allowance, bonus, etc. The government takes up the extra expenditure from grocery to every minimum thing.
  • Total security: The monthly decent salary, pension facility, medical and other facilities together provides a total security to the employees. The private sector employees suffer from a sense of insecurity.

This is the only reason why the demand of bank or SSC jobs is increasing every day exponentially. Since there are increasing number of candidates appearing for the bank exams every year, it has become a very competitive exam. With determination and hard work the aspiring candidate can secure a job in the banking sector.

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