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The Sunrise Project or Project Sunrise is a recent initiative of the Indian government to prevent AIDS among drug addicts in India’s Northeastern region. There are many ongoing projects to help AIDS patients and prevent HIV spread in the population under the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO). However, Project Sunrise gives zoomed-in attention to a specific region for the first time.

This article will provide information about Project Sunrise in the context of the Civil Services Exam.

Demographic report of HIV status in Northeast region

Project Sunrise was launched by India’s Union Minister of Family Health, and it included eight states in the area under its coverage.

The demography of the region’s AIDS status is as follows:

  • National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) published the recent updates on HIV/AIDS status in northeast India.
  • As per the reports, there are higher cases of HIV in the adult population (18-49) of the northeast region.
  • The leading cause of HIV spread is substance abuse.
  • Drug abuse has increased exponentially in northeast states, the leading cause of HIV spread.
  • The situation is alarming and must be taken care of.

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Critical Targets of the Sunrise Project

Project Sunrise India is a multifaceted initiative. This program was launched in 2015 by Union Minister J.P. Nadda.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand the critical points of Project Sunrise as this will help aspirants in UPSC prelims preparation.

Here are the key targets that Project Sunrise seeks to address:

  • Assessment of gaps and hurdles for existing AIDS programs in the region.
  • Develop the most suitable strategies for the affected population.
  • Focus on the deliverables for harm-reduction services.
  • Efficient training programs for the workforce.
  • A primary focus is on enhancing state agencies’ capability to cover more populations.
  • Provide best services to the affected population and the population at risk.
  • The main focus of Project Sunrise is to improve the needle–syringe exchange program.
  • Opioid abuse is a significant issue in northeast India; thus, Project Sunrise is dedicated to improving this situation.
  • Project Sunrise connects the local NGOs and other agencies for effective implementation.
  • NGO’s under this initiative will provide shelter, medical care and other facilities to the affected population.
  • This initiative connects the affected population with the mainstream. The social connection of people who inject drugs is crucial for their reform.
  • Efficient monitoring and progress update. Project Sunrise has the provision for real-time monitoring as well.
  • The six districts of eight affected states will secure the data and deliver it to their assigned centres.
  • Project Sunrise focuses on implementing this program in places with high possibilities of syringe-based infection of HIV.
  • The central and district prison authorities and other NGOs with the exact cause are connected and trained for this program.
  • Project Sunrise is also inclined towards the betterment of women who have been subjected to drug abuse and are at high risk for HIV infection.
  • Furthermore, the spouses of affected people are trained and provided with necessary facilities for their welfare.
  • The initiative will arrange for increased HIV testing and safe disposal of the used syringe.
  • Awareness programs for at-risk populations and proper monitoring of the level of HIV infection.
  • Amplification of methadone programs in a phased manner if required.
  • Reduction in needle-based infection of HIV and rehabilitation of affected population by 2020.

Importance of Project Sunrise

India has a huge population affected with HIV or is at high risk of infection. However, even though many pre-existing AIDS awareness/prevention programs are there, they do not focus on the specific cause.

Therefore, the launch and implementation of Project Sunrise are very crucial. India’s northeast population has a higher HIV/AIDs among drug addicts. In Manipur, it is 12.9%, and in Mizoram, it is 12%, which is higher than the national average (7.14%).

Here are some salient features of Project Sunrise and why is it essential:

  • Project Sunrise works on a grassroots level.
  • Project Sunrise focuses on area-specific problems, which are important for better outcomes.
  • It is the very first program of such kind for the northeast states of India.
  • This program focuses on the medical, social, and educational aspects of the affected.
  • The robust approach for high burden areas is critical, and Project Sunrise is the most effective strategy.
  • The young population is more tempted to drug abuse, thus putting them at risk for HIV infection. Project Sunrise has the best and most efficient strategy to prevent such community spread.
  • This program reconnects the affected population with mainstream society’s regular and healthy lifestyle.

What are the significant agencies taking part in Project Sunrise?

Many local, national, and international agencies participate in Project Sunrise. All of them provide the expertise and resources at different levels of implementations to make this project a success:

  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India
  • National Health Mission (NHM)
  • National AIDS Control Organization (NACO)
  • FHI 360
  • State Ministries and Departments
  • Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • State Prison Department
  • North Eastern Council
  • State AIDS Control Societies
  • NGO partners

Candidates can visit the linked article and get the detailed list of government schemes in India, important for general awareness and the current affairs section of various competitive exams.

Frequently Asked Questions on about Project Sunrise


Who launched the Sunrise Project?

Unior minister J.P. Nadda launched the Project Sunrise in India.


What is the focus of Project sunrise?

This initiative mainly provides facilities to HIV/AIDS-affected youth population, which is more prone to drug abuse.

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