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UPSC Exam Simulation

Cracking the UPSC civil services exam requires the right mix of knowledge, analytical ability, exam-oriented preparation and a single-minded dedication. Apart from these requisites, it is also imperative that you practice mock tests for the UPSC prelims exam and answer writing for the mains exam. Everybody reads the same material. But what differentiates between success and failure is the ability to perform well in the exam on the D-day. This is possible only if you take mock tests for the prelims and practice answer writing for the mains exams.

BYJU’S presents UPSC Exam Simulation – a platform where you can take mock tests for prelims and practice answer writing for the mains. This section has two subcategories.

Answer Writing Practice

In this section, we give you UPSC mains questions for practice. The questions are classified subject-wise and this will tremendously help in your IAS mains preparation. Answer writing practice is essential for UPSC exam preparation since in the mains exam, you will be scored not only on the basis of knowledge but also on your answer presentation skills. Many candidates fail to grasp the crux of the questions asked in the IAS mains and this is where answer writing practice comes into the picture.

Current Affairs Quiz

Under Current Affairs Quiz, you can test your GK and current affairs knowledge. A new quiz will be updated every week! 

Benefits of UPSC Exam Simulation

  • Assists you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Helps you understand the type of the questions asked in the civil services exam.
  • Aids you in developing speed and accuracy for the UPSC exam.
  • Enables you to predict possible questions for the UPSC exam.

Only knowledge coupled with practice can help you clear the UPSC exam. So, practice possible UPSC questions daily from our Exam Simulation section and upgrade your exam preparedness! With BYJU’S Exam Simulation you can face the actual exam without tension and with confidence.


9.How can the ‘Digital India’ programme help farmers to improve farm productivity and income? What steps has the Government taken in this regards?
8.What are the impediments in marketing and supply chain management in industry in India? Can e-commerce help in overcoming these bottlenecks?
7.In view of the declining average size of land holdings in India which has made agriculture non-viable for a majority of farmers, should
6. Livestock rearing has a big potential for providing non-farm employment and income in rural areas. Discuss suggesting suitable.
2. Mesolithic rock cut architecture of India not only reflects the cultural life of the times but also a tine aesthetic sense comparable to modem
1.The ancient civilization in Indian sub-continent differed from those of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece in that its culture and traditions have