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Linux MCQs

Linux is a popular independent portable operating system. It is a multitasking operating system that includes shared virtual memory libraries, memory management, TCP / IP network capabilities, and commercial operating system capabilities. A Linux distribution is an operating system that consists of a collection of software based on the Linux kernel, or the distribution contains the Linux kernel and software support libraries.

MCQs on Linux

Solve Linux Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. Learn more about Linux and Linux MCQs by checking notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on Linux by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

Linux Multiple-Choice Questions

1. Which of these commands do we use for removing the files?

a. erase

b. delete

c. rm

d. dm

Answer: (c) rm

2. Which of these hardware architectures does Red Hat not support?

a. Macintosh

b. Alpha

c. IBM-compatible


Answer: (a) Macintosh

3. Which of these commands do we use for the creation of an installation boot floppy in Linux?

a. bootfp disk

b. mkboot disk

c. dd & rawrite

d. w & rawrite

Answer: (c) dd & rawrite

4. In which of these directories do we store the user-defined files of the system that we use for the creation of various user directories?

a. /etc/users

b. /etc/skel/

c. /etc/default

d. /usr/temp

Answer: (b) /etc/skel

5. Which of these is NOT used in the form of a communication command?

a. write

b. mesg

c. mail

d. grep

Answer: (d) grep

6. Which of these commands do we use for listing the files, namely, chap01, chap02, and chap03?

a. Is – x chap0[124]

b. Is chap*

c. Is chap0[124]

d. Is chap[124]

Answer: (d) Is chap[124]

7. Which of these commands do we use for the sorting of data lines in a file in alphabetical order?

a. st

b. sort

c. sort – r

d. sh

Answer: (b) sort

8. By default, which of these ports does squid listen to?

a. 3128

b. 7334

c. 2314

d. 4322

Answer: (a) 3128

9. Which of these commands do we use in the NFS servers so as to see the servers that are running?

a. serverinfo

b. rpcinfo

c. infserv

d. NFSinfo

Answer: (b) rpcinfo

10. The token management and dialogue control in the OSI network architecture are responsible for the:

a. transport layer

b. data link layer

c. session layer

d. network layer

Answer: (d) network layer

11. Out of the following NIS clients, which one would find the information about any NIS domain as well as server and then store it?

a. yppoll

b. ypcat

c. ypbind

d. ypwhich

Answer: (c) ypbind

12. Which of these commands do we use for just counting the total number of lines that a file contains?

a. wc – l

b. wc – c

c. wc – w

d. wc – r

Answer: (a) wc – l

13. Which of these types of installations do need a special boot disk?


b. NFS

c. FTP

d. All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

14. Which of these do NOT constitute as a default part of the email system of Red Hat Linux?

a. The MTA

b. Pine

c. Procmail

d. The MUA

Answer: (b) Pine

15. Which of these commands do we use for forcing all the buffers to the disk?

a. flush

b. edbuff

c. sync

d. save

Answer: (c) sync

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