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Mechatronics MCQs

MCQs on Mechatronics

Solve Mechatronics Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. If you wish to learn more about Mechatronics and Mechatronics MCQs, you can check notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on Mechatronics by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

Mechatronics Multiple-Choice Questions

1. In a CNC machine, the punch tape reader is a:

a. Input Device

b. Feedback System

c. Driving System

d. Program

Answer: (a) Input Device

2. The motors that we use in a humanoid robot are known as:

a. B-O motors

b. Actuators

c. Axis motors

d. Orientation motors

Answer: (b) Actuators

3. The relative accuracy ratio for an observation that is taken by some distance measuring sensors that predict an object’s distance to be 7.19cm, while the actual distance is equal to 7.02cm:

a. 17:619

b. 13:719

c. 13:619

d. 17:702

Answer: (d) 17:702

4. This fluid is used commonly as a reference in various U-tube manometers so that we can determine the pressure of a liquid:

a. Argon

b. Sodium

c. Mercury

d. Water

Answer: (c) Mercury

5. Which of these is an example of the bipolar junction transistor?

a. CMCP793V-500

b. BC547B


d. SLB700A/06VA

Answer: (b) BC547B

6. The __________ controls the SCR.

a. cathode

b. anode

c. cathode and anode

d. gate

Answer: (d) gate

7. Which of these filters contain entirely passive elements?

a. Optical filter

b. Digital filter

c. Electrical filter

d. Mechanical filter

Answer: (c) Electrical filter

8. Which of these filters shall we use if we want to remove salt and pepper noises from the images?

a. Median filter

b. Mean filter

c. Wiener filter

d. Gaussian filter

Answer: (a) Median filter

9. ____________ bar is the normal pressure at which we can store the compressed air.

a. 100

b. 10

c. 40

d. 30

Answer: (b) 10

10. Which of these types of pumps can give a discharge even when the pressure is high?

a. Monoblock Pumps

b. Multistage Pumps

c. Single-stage Pumps

d. Rotary Pumps

Answer: (d) Rotary Pumps

11. Which of these cam followers would experience the least sliding motion?

a. Flat-faced Edged

b. Mushroom Follower

c. Roller Follower

d. Knife Follower

Answer: (c) Roller Follower

12. The ______________ ratchets are often known as the roller drive ratchets.

a. Stepless

b. 72 teeth

c. Flip

d. Round

Answer: (a) Stepless

13. What would the “12-point” indicate when we use the term 12 points reversible ratchet?

a. The pitch is 12

b. It consists of 12 teeth

c. The radius is 12

d. The diameter is 12

Answer: (b) It consists of 12 teeth

14. Which of these is NOT a type of stepper motor?

a. Permanent magnet

b. Variable reluctance

c. Variable magnet

d. Hybrid

Answer: (c) Variable magnet

15. A typical low-end microcontroller can consist of how many bytes?

a. 1000 bytes

b. 300 bytes

c. 500 bytes

d. 100 bytes

Answer: (a) 1000 bytes

16. Which of these microcontrollers does Arduino UNO use?

a. ATmega1280

b. ATmega2560

c. ATmega168

d. ATmega328

Answer: (d) ATmega328

17. What would be the reactance produced by an inductor with 0.05 henry if an alternating current of 50 Hertz frequency is passed through it?

a. 14.7 ohm

b. 17.7 ohm

c. 15.7 ohm

d. 16.7 ohm

Answer: (c) 15.7 ohm

18. The first robot who got citizenship in a country is:

a. Sophia

b. Asimo

c. Eskimo

d. Ansino

Answer: (a) Sophia

19. We can control the Position and Speed in CNC using:

a. graphic user interface

b. feedback system

c. machine code unit

d. spindle and slide table

Answer: (d) spindle and slide table

20. Which of these would detect the fault in an anti-lock brake system?

a. Pump

b. ECU

c. Sensors

d. Valves

Answer: (b) ECU

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