Prepare Descriptive Paper For SBI Po Exam

The phase II of the SBI PO bank exam comprises of the objective and the descriptive test that the candidates have to clear in order to get selected for the Interview. If a candidate fails to clear the objective test, then the marks for descriptive paper will not be evaluated.

This descriptive test can be piece of cake for some and can also turn to be a nightmare for few. This all depends upon a candidate’s English skill since the test includes two sections i.e. the Essay Writing of 30 marks and a Letter Writing of 20 marks. This test is an online test of 1 hour.

To help those candidates who are nervous about the descriptive test, few important tips for preparation are provided here to help the candidates develop the required confidence.

For basic level preparation:

  • Be well prepared with the basic grammar from any standard grammar books.
  • Build a strong vocabulary by learning few words daily and use those words in sentences.
  • Read newspapers and standard English magazines to improve the writing skills.
  • Practice essay writing from the recent and important affairs since these are the most important topics for essay writing in the test.
  • Practice formal letter writing of various topics to build the confidence.  

For the Exam:

  • Write all the important keywords that would be included in the content.
  • Include relevant and factual statements.
  • The quality of the content should never be compromised.
  • Try to write at least 30 words per minute without or very few grammatical mistakes.

For the Essay Writing:

  • Think about the topic properly before writing.
  • At first introduce the topic then the details followed by positives, negatives, and suggestions. Always conclude the essay at the end.
  • Always be neutral while writing.
  • Unnecessary points should be avoided.
  • Never get personal.
  • Include factual points and avoid criticizing.

For the Letter Writing:

  • Be very well versed with the pattern of the letter.
  • Try to be very concise while writing the letter.
  • Use active voice for the letter.
  • Include accurate facts in the paper.
  • Include every detail in the letter.

These tips will surely help the aspirants to gear up for the descriptive paper and candidates can easily clear this bank exam with a bit of effort and dedication.

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