Prepare IBPS Po Exam In 2 Months

With IBPS PO exam is just 2 months away,  you guys need to buckle up. IBPS PO exam witnesses a great deal of participation and to get through the exam, you have to excel with your performance. And when you are just 2 months away, you need to put your best foot forward.

You have no time to waste; you need to have your every minute planned. Whatever you study should be on your tips and you should be perfect with them. Study smart and plan strategically to score the maximum score you can achieve.

You need to focus on clearing your concepts because of negative marking, if you’re confused then that would do you no good, but if you attempt only 50% exam but are confident about them, it still gives you more hope than others.

If you majorly segregate the topics for Prelims and mains, you need a command in 5 subjects.


Topics you need to focus on: Marking series/analogy, Coding and decoding, Number series questions, Problem solving, Comprehension Reasoning and Passage & conclusions type questions.

Quantitative aptitude (math)

Topics you need to focus on: Sequence & series, Data Interpretation, Number System, Ratio and Proportion, Quadratic Equations, Percentage & Average and Simplification.

Computer awareness

Topics you need to focus on: Basics of Computers, Network Basics (WAN & LAN), Basic Internet knowledge and protocols, Input & output devices, Generations of  the computer, Computer shortcuts and Shortcuts & Basic Knowledge of MS word/ MS powerpoint/ MS Excel.

Banking awareness/ General Awareness

Topics you need to focus on: Current Affairs of last 6 months, marketing, Indian Economy Questions, Awards & Honors Sports, Agriculture, Finance, History of Banking, RBI Functions, Banking Terms and Fiscal Monetary Policies.

English comprehension

Topics you need to focus on: Comprehension Passage, Fill in the Blanks, Phrase & idioms, Prepositions, Spotting Error Questions and Sentence Improvement.

Some general tips to crack IBPS PO 2017 in 2 months

  • Prepare a proper study plan for 2 months, plan each and every day of it. Follow the plan religiously.
  • Update yourself with all the news around you. Monthly editions are not enough, watch the news at least for 30 minutes each day.
  • Focus on section wise study too because you need to clear sectional cut offs as well.
  • General knowledge is the most versatile section of all you need to know everything around you such as recent happenings in Science and Technology, Politics, sports, geography, around the world etc.
  • Find good online websites for mock tests. Enroll yourself in them and make sure you appear for at least one mock test every weekday and 3 mock tests every weekend.
  • Time your mock tests. That will help you during the examination.
  • Time your calculations as well, work on increasing your speed.
  • Stay in positive mind frame; keep yourself motivated all the time. Maintain a good distance from the negative environment as well as negative people.
  • Take good care of your health. Be healthy mentally as well as physically, it will help you stay one step forward than everybody else.

You just don’t need to prepare yourself for the online examination but you also need to start your mental preparation for the interview round.

The following points will help you put your best out.

  • Don’t forget, the first impression is the last impression so make sure you leave a positive mark on the panelists.
  • Dress neatly and appropriately.
  • As soon as you greet them, and take your seat; the first thing you do is forward your CV in front of them.
  • Be gentle and polite during your entire interaction with the interviewers.
  • Don’t be hyperactive or excited during the interview, calmness should be reflected in your gestures.
  • Maintain a smiling face in the entire process; also don’t even let any hint of disappointment reflect on your face.
  • Don’t be offended on any issue, the panelists might just talk about offensive topics to see your patience and see how calmly and smartly you deal with them.
  • Don’t let any argument build up.
  • Don’t be over smart, if you don’t know something they ask just tell them truthfully, they would appreciate your honesty.
  • Once you are don’t with the interview, stand up quietly, shake their hands and say ‘obliged to meet you’ and quietly leave the room.

Make sure you leave a good impression on everyone and you are good to go. All the very best to the aspirants, make the best out of your preparation.

For any further assistance, Byju’s counselors are always here to help you.

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