SBI Clerk Mock Tests 2023 - Solve Free Online SBI Clerk Mock Test Series

One of the most useful ways of preparing for the SBI Clerk 2023 is through SBI Clerk Mock Tests. For good results in the upcoming SBI exam, candidates must solve the Free SBI Clerk Online Test Series and Practice Papers on a regular basis.

The SBI Clerk mock test series are based on the latest exam pattern and type of questions asked in the examination. The SBI Clerk prelims based mock tests have been given below for assistance of candidates.

SBI Clerk Mock Test 1 :- Download PDF Here

SBI Clerk Mock Test 2 :- Download PDF Here

SBI Clerk Mock Test 3 :- Download PDF Here

For holistic preparation of the exam, candidates are advised to practice SBI Clerk previous year paper and Online Quizzes along with the free mock tests.

The SBI Clerk 2023 prelims and mains are scheduled to be conducted July onwards and aspirants of SBI Clerk exams are advised to take free online SBI Clerk Mock Tests provided by BYJU’S for smooth and effective preparation of the examination.

For detailed information on upcoming bank exams, refer to the linked article.

Online Quiz 2023

The State Bank of India conducts the SBI Clerk exam to recruit Junior Associates. It is one of the most sought after exams which makes it even tougher to qualify. Solving the SBI Clerk test series, shall further help candidates analyse their performance level prior to the examination.

Candidates can check the SBI Clerk cut off for previous years and accordingly prepare themselves for the upcoming SBI Junior Associate exam.

Seeing the perks offered and the respect that SBI Clerk job profile commands, the candidature for the exam increases every year. Therefore, in order to be ahead of such huge competition, it is important for the aspirants to regularly take free SBI Clerk online mock tests.

SBI Clerk 2023 Exam Dates

The SBI Clerk 2023 exam notification will be released by the State Bank of India in April 2023. Candidates can get the detailed exam schedule for the 2023 recruitment at the SBI Clerk exam dates page. Since the exam is conducted annually, candidates must ensure that they start their preparation for the Online computer-based tests way before the notification is released.

Aspirants looking forward to apply for other SBI exams can check the SBI exam dates at the inked article.

SBI Clerk Online Test Series

SBI Clerk test series is designed in alignment with SBI Clerk previous year papers so as to help candidates prepare for the exam in the most comprehensive way possible.

The free SBI Clerk online tests series consists of sample papers containing 25 SBI Clerk model questions. The questions in these mock tests are from the three main sections covered in SBI Clerk previous year papers. The three sections include Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language.

Candidates can solve the free SBI Clerk test series and get solutions for the same here.

Why taking SBI Clerk Online mock tests is important?

  • SBI Clerk practice papers help improve speed. The more regular you are to take online mock tests, the more you will enhance your speed.
  • SBI Clerk free online mock tests familiarise you with SBI Clerk exam pattern and the strategy to adopt while taking the actual exam.
  • The SBI Clerk sample papers help to learn time management in the actual SBI exam. Along with it, you also learn the skill to attempt and skip questions based on the level of difficulty.
  • SBI Clerk Online Test Series is the best source to learn strengths and weaknesses concerning a particular topic or subject. It gives individual scores and helps to analyze subject knowledge and fill the loopholes present in your study plan.
  • SBI Clerk Sample papers boost confidence and reduce pre-exam jitters by regularly attempting a variety of questions and tackling the difficulty level expected in the final exam.
  • Along with the Mock tests it is advised to take Online Quizzes to give a boost to exam preparation as whole of the SBI Clerk Syllabus will be covered.
  • Aspirants can refer to the SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern given below.

Candidates taking free online SBI Clerk Prelims mock test will get a comprehensive set of SBI Clerk Question Paper, Answer Key and detailed solution of each question in the series.

Like every year, this year also the competition and the level of exam is expected to raise and candidates must prepare themselves accordingly.

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SBI Clerk Exam Pattern

State Bank of India is the body that sets SBI Clerk exam pattern. As per the latest SBI Clerk paper pattern, the candidates need to answer 100 marks questions in the SBI Clerk prelims exam. The cumulative duration of the exam is 60 minutes with 1 mark for each question.

The exam pattern of SBI Clerk Prelims Exam is as mentioned below-

Section(Objective) No. of Questions Total Marks Duration
Quantitative Aptitude 35 35 20 minutes
Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 minutes
English Language 30 30 20 minutes
Total 100 100 60 minutes

SBI Clerk free mock test series helps to practise, revise, analyse and improve performance to gain an edge over competitors in SBI Clerk examination. Therefore, to ace the exam it is important that candidates take SBI Clerk free mock test on a regular basis.

The syllabus for almost every bank exam is the same. So candidates preparing for any bank exam can refer to the detailed section-wise bank exam syllabus at the linked article.

The free SBI Clerk mock test pattern will be the same as the one given below. Candidates can refer to the free SBI Clerk Prelims mock test given below.

SBI Clerk Mock Test 1

Directions 1-3: Choose the grammatically correct sentence from among the four options given for each question.


  1. The state of his affairs were such as to cause anxiety to his creditors.
  2. The state of his affairs are such as to cause anxiety to his creditors.
  3. The state of his affairs was such as to cause anxiety to his creditors.
  4. The state of his affairs are such as to cause anxiety to his creditors.

Answer 3


  1. Cannot one do that one likes to do with his own?
  2. Cannot one do that one likes with his own?
  3. Cannot one do what he likes with his own?
  4. Cannot one do what one likes with one’s own?

Answer 4


  1. Neither the king nor his ministers desire war.
  2. Neither the king nor his ministers desires war.
  3. Neither king nor his ministers desires war.
  4. Neither king nor his ministers desire war.

Answer 1

Directions 4-5: In each of the questions below, there are four statements which express the same idea. Choose the alternative that is most concise and clear.


  1. His definition of reality has first to be made coincident with the point of view adopted by the author whom he is discussing.
  2. His definition has to first agree with the point of view adopted by the author he is discussing.
  3. His definition of reality has first to be made coincident with the point of view adopted by the author who he is discussing.
  4. His definition of reality has first to coincide with the point of view adopted by the author he is discussing.

Answer 2


  1. Undoubtedly, it should be possible to freeze you to death and wake you up whenever you want.
  2. There is no question of it not being possible to freeze you to death and wake you up as and when you want.
  3. There is no question of it not being possible to freeze you to death and wake you up whenever you want.
  4. Undoubtedly, it should be possible to freeze you to death and wake you up when you want.

Answer 1

Q.6. Choose the pair of words which best expresses the relationship similar to that expressed in

the capitalized pair.


  1. Sorcery : Necromancy
  2. Classics : Ruins
  3. History : Paleontology
  4. Science : Thanatology

Answer 1

Q.7. Choose the pair which does not exhibit the relationship similar to that expressed in the capitalized pair.


  1. Archaeology : Antiques
  2. Psychology : Mind
  3. Philosophy : Language
  4. Anatomy : Body

Answer 3

Q.8. When n is divided by 4, the remainder is 3. What is the remainder when 2n is divided by 4?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 5
  4. 6

Answer 1

Solution 8 :Let n = 4k + 3.

Then, 2n = 2(4k + 3) = 8k + 6 = 4 x 2k + 4 x 1 + 2 = 4 (2k + 1) + 2

Thus, on dividing 2n by 4 , we get 2 as remainder.

Q.9. The H.C.F of 204, 1190, and 1445 is ?

  1. 23
  2. 21
  3. 18
  4. 17

Answer 4

Solution 9:

204 = 22 x 3 x 17

1190 = 2 x 5 x 7 x 17

1445 = 5 x 172

Therefore, H.C.F = 17

Q.10. The cost of 4 bags and 3 boxes is ₹555 and the cost of 3 bags and 4 boxes is ₹460. What is the cost of one bag?

  1. 130
  2. 120
  3. 125
  4. 145

Answer 2

Solution 10 : Let the cost of one bag be ₹x and that of one box ₹y.

Then, 4x + 3y = 555 …i

And 3x = 4y = 460 …ii

By adding (i) and (ii) we get 7x + 7y = 1015 or x + y = 145 … iii

Subtracting (ii) from (i) we get : x – y = 95 … iv

Adding (iii) and (iv), we get 2x = 240 or x = 120

Hence, the cost if 1 bag is ₹120.

Q.11. A girl was asked to multiply a number by 53 she multiplied it by 35 and got her answer less than the correct one by 1206. Find the number to be multiplied?

  1. 77
  2. 57
  3. 67
  4. 87

Answer 3

Solution 11. Let the required number be x.

Then, 53x -35x = 1206

18x =1206

X = 1206 / 18

Hence the required number is 67.

Q.12. The total monthly salary of 4 men and 2 women is ₹46,000. If a woman earns ₹500 more than a man, what is the monthly salary of a woman?

  1. 9000
  2. 7500
  3. 8000
  4. 6500

Answer 3

Solution 12. Let the monthly salary of a man be x

Then the monthly salary of woman = (x + 500)

Therefore, 4x + 2 (x + 500) = 46000

6x = 45000

X = 7500

Monthly salary of a woman = x + 500 = ₹8000

Q.13. A 225 metres long yard has 26 trees planted at equal distances, one tree being at each end of the yard. What is the distance between two consecutive trees?

  1. 17 metres
  2. 9 metres
  3. 7 metres
  4. 15 metres

Answer 2

Solution 13: 26 trees have 25 gaps between them. Hence the required distances between two consecutive trees = 225/ 25 = 9 metres.

Q.14. when all the students in a school are made to stand in rows of 54, 30 such rows are formed. If the students are made to stand in rows of 45, how many such rows will be formed?

  1. 25
  2. 34
  3. 36
  4. 42

Answer 3

Solution 14. Total number of students = 54 x 30

Therefore, the required number of rows = [(54 x 30) / 45] = 36.

Q.15. How many perfect squares lie between 120 and 300?

  1. 4
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 9

Answer 3

Solution 15. (11)2 = 121 and (17)2 = 289

So, the perfect squares between 120 and 300 are the squares of numbers between 11 to 17, that are 7 in numbers.

Q. 16. The average age of a class of 39 students is 15 years. If the age of the teacher is included then the average increases by 3 months. Find the age of the teacher?

  1. 23 years
  2. 25 years
  3. 33 years
  4. 37 years

Answer 2

Solution 16. Total age of 39 students = (39 x 15) years = 585 years.

Average age of 40 persons = 15 years 3 months – 61 / 4 years.

Total age of 40 persons = ([61 / 4] x 40) = 610 years

Therefore the age of the teacher = (610 -585) = 25 years.



Some Start are Ends

All Ends are Finish

No Finish is Go


  1. All Ends being starts is a possibility
  2. No Go is a Start.
  3. Only I follows
  4. Only II follows
  5. Both I and II follows
  6. Neither I nor II follows

Answer 1

Solution 17.


Statement :

All huts are apartments

No apartment is a cottage

All cottages are buildings


  1. Some cottages are apartments
  2. No cottage is a hut
  3. Some building being apartment is a possibility
  4. Only I and II follows
  5. Only II and III follows
  6. Either of I, II or III follows
  7. Neither I, II nor III follows

Answer 2

Solution 18.

Directions 19-21 Read the information given below and answer the question given below.

J, K, L, M, N, O, P and R are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. Each of them was born in different years 1971, 1975, 1979, 1980. 1981, 1984, 1985 and 1990 but not necessarily in the same order.

M is sitting second to the right of K. L is sitting third to the right of J. only the one born in the year 1984 is sitting in between J and K. N, who is the eldest is not the immediate neighbour of J and M. R is older only to M. R is sitting second to P’s left who is not an immediate neighbour of N. J is younger than L and O. K was born before O but he is not second eldest.

Q.19. Who is the second eldest in the group?

  1. L
  2. M
  3. J
  4. P

Answer 1

Q.20. who among the following is younger than O but elder than P?

  1. The one born in 1980
  2. The one born in 1979
  3. R
  4. L

Answer 2

Q.21. Who is sitting third to the right of O?

  1. The one born in 1981
  2. The one born in 1985
  3. P
  4. K

Answer 1

Solution 19-21

Q.22. In a certain code language ‘BOTTLE’ is written as ‘ DMVRNC’. What will be the code for ‘SWITCH’?


Answer: 1

Solution 22:

B(+2) O(-2) T(+2) T(-2) L(+2) E(-2)


S(+2) W(-2) I(+2) T(-2) C(+2) H(-2)


Directions 23-25 Shashi, Prateek, Ashish, Harshit and Nitin are five players of the College cricket team and their hometowns are Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Agra but not in that order. The five specialist slots of a spinner, pace bowler, wicket-keeper, batsman and captain are held by them, again not in the same order of their names stated above.

  • Their names, hometowns and specialities do not start with the same letter
  • Neither Prateek nor Ashish is the captain and they do not belong to either Chennai nor Kolkata
  • Shashi is neither a wicket-keeper nor a batsman.
  • Mumbai is not Harshit’s hometown
  • The player who hails from Kolkata is a wicket-keeper.
  • The captain’s hometown is Mumbai while the batsman does not hail from Delhi.

Q 23. What is the speciality of Harshit?

  1. Wicket-keeper
  2. Pace bowler
  3. Captain
  4. Spinner
  5. Batsman

Answer: 2

Q 24 . What is Nitin’s hometown?

  1. Mumbai
  2. Kolkata
  3. Delhi
  4. Agra
  5. Chennai

Answer: 2

Q 25. Which of the given combinations is correct?

  1. Harshit-pace bowler-Mumbai
  2. Nitin-wicket keeper-Kolkata
  3. Ashish-batsman-Agra
  4. Harshit-captain-Chennai
  5. None of the above

Answer: 3

Solution 23-25

Shashi Captain Mumbai
Prateek Spinner Delhi
Ashish Batsman Agra
Harshit Pace bowler Chennai
Nitin Wicket-keeper Kolkata

Candidates are advised to check this page regularly for new SBI Clerk Free Mock Tests.

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Frequently Asked Question – Free SBI Clerk Mock Test Series


Q.1. Does BYJU’S provide solutions to SBI Clerk Online Test Series?

Ans. Yes, each online mock test of SBI Clerk gives the answer and detailed solutions to the questions.

Q.2. How can I solve the SBI Clerk Free Mock Tests offline?

Ans. Since the SBI Clerk Mock Tests are given in PDF format, candidates can download the free SBI mock test PDF and solve the test series offline.

Q.3. Why should I choose BYJU’S SBI Clerk online test series?

Ans. BYJU’S SBI Clerk Mock Tests are designed by the experts with an aim to provide the best preparation for the SBI Clerk exam. The full length and section-wise SBI Clerk free mock test 2023 simulates the real exam scenario. The detailed solution and answers after each SBI Clerk practice paper give performance reports and help to improve the weak areas to score better marks in the final face-off.

Q.4. What is the selection process for a candidate to get employed as a junior Associate in SBI?

Ans. The SBI Clerk selection process is based on a two tier Online based examination:

There is no Interview stage in the SBI Clerk Exam. Therefore, the entire merit is based on the marks scored in the Online examination. So candidates must prepare themselves accordingly.


Q 5. How to prepare for SBI Clerk exam 2023?

Ans. Candidates must first prepare the entire SBI Clerk syllabus thoroughly and then make sure they solve SBI Clerk mock tests, previous year papers and practise papers on a daily basis to keep themselves updated. Candidates can also check the booklist and tips to crack SBI Junior Associate exam at the linked article.

Q 6. How can I choose the right SBI Clerk Sample Papers?

Ans. Using the digital resource you can find out various SBI Clerk free mock tests or sample papers, but you must clarify which will be good enough to assist your quality of performance in the SBI Clerk exam. Here the parameters to choose right SBI Clerk online mock tests:

  • Firstly, ensure the SBI Clerk mock tests are designed exactly on the current exam pattern.
  • The level of questions included in the SBI Clerk practice papers must be moderate.
  • The free mock test for SBI Clerk must have standardised unique questions.
  • The SBI Clerk sample papers must be easy to access without any technical issues.
  • The analysis report of SBI Clerk Online Test Series must give clarity on strong & weak sections of the SBI Clerk Syllabus.