Step By Step Guide To Clear SBI Po Prelims

Every student who wants to pursue their career in the banking sector looks towards institutions like IBPS and SBI Probationary Officer exams. The students who want an edge over other candidates will find this article interesting as here we will be giving a step by step guide for clearing the SBI PO 2017 Prelim. In the article, we will focus on what and how to prepare for the SBI PO 2017 Prelims as well as what strategies should be used during and while preparing for SBI PO 2017 Prelims. Strategies that should be used by the candidates during & for preparing for the SBI PO 2017 Exam are as follows:

  • Right Mindset

In today’s competitive time the ratio in which the candidates are selected for SBI PO post is 1:1100 students or can be even more than that, to crack through SBI PO Exam you need to have a positive mindset as it is possible with a practice of max. 3 months.

  • Time Management

Once the candidate is done with around 1 month of practice covering every part of the upcoming exam we advise the candidates to start with mock test and initially keep their focus on attempting maximum number of questions at first and gradually turn their focus on accuracy, this helps in the confidence building of the candidates as they now know that they can attempt more questions accurately.

While practicing with the mock test candidates should also know which questions should be attempted and which question should be left as some questions are better to leave as they are time-consuming.

Finally, time management goes hand in hand with the sequence in which you are going to attempt in the upcoming exam, it is recommended that the candidate should start with the section in which he/she is confident and good enough.

  • Procuring The Right Strategy

Start with solving 1 mock in a day, by doing this you will be able to know the major topics that are important and frequently asked in the SBI PO Prelim and also you would be able to know topics that are less time consuming but are more scoring.

We recommend the aspiring candidates to start with 1 mock in a day and reach till 4-5 mock paper when SBI PO Prelims is just about a week, when this is done we are pretty sure that the candidate will not only know what are the important aspects of SBI PO Prelims are but also will cover all the sections at the same time.

  • Efficient Resources

Having the correct study and practice material for SBI PO Prelims is necessary. Visit our website for SBI PO Prelims Course.

  • Ample Practice

Practice with mock test till the time your score is at least 15-20 marks more than the last year’s cutoff as there is no optimum number of mock test for making the candidate confident enough. Practicing without knowing what are your shortcomings are and not improving them is a waste of practicing.

  • Scenario Planning

As mentioned above knowing what topics should be left is very important as in SBI PO Prelims there are 100 questions that are required to be solved in 1 hour making it difficult to even completely read all the questions during the exam. Managing the syllabus by identifying the topics which can be solved with speed has always proved itself beneficial and more scoring.

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