Do this every morning to give yourself the best chance to become an IAS officer!

Do this every morning

  • Wake Up early: There is absolutely no substitute for waking up early when it comes to success. Preparing for UPSC requires you to study a minimum of 8 hours a day. Research conducted by Texas University found that students who consistently woke up early each day actually scored better test scores and overall grade points, in comparison to those who slept late. Of course this is not simply a result of waking up early but when you wake up early you’re more likely to take part in a fixed routine. Waking up early also enhances your productivity and makes your day longer.
  • Exercise:  It’s important to find time to exercise, particularly during exams and your preparation period. Not only is exercise good for our overall health and fitness,  it also boosts our mental wellbeing. Exercise will help keep you calm during exams. You’ll feel more energised and refreshed, and that will help you perform better in your studies during your preparation.
  • Meditate: Meditation has a myriad of benefits starting with raising your IQ levels, and who doesn’t want that! It also results in better concentration, increased focus and generally better mental health. In a study, 41% of the students who practiced meditation actually got higher scores than others. As meditation also reduces your stress levels it should be something that you do regularly for amazing benefits.
  • Plan your day: Creating an effective timetable for your preparation is the first thing that you should do. However, some details are specific to each day and that is exactly what you should do after you wake up. You can also use this time to revise previous day’s topics. Here is a model timetable to help you
  • Read the newspaper: Newspaper reading will help you get an update on the national and international events. When you are reading the newspaper try to make notes for current affairs and note down the important topics which you will need to follow in the future.

Here is a model time table to help you:



5:00 am

Wake up

5.15am- 6.30am

Exercise & Bath


Revision & Reflecting on previous day’s work

7.30am- 8.30am

Breakfast & Reading the newspaper


Study Session

1.00pm- 1.30pm



Study Session 2


Tea Break


Watching the news & Personality Development

6.30pm- 9pm

Study session 3




Prepare notes & Group discussions



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