Digital Communication MCQs

Digital communication is the communication that is transferred through signals from digital devices. It can send any type of information digitally. E.g., email, texting, video conferencing, social media, television, digital radio, etc. 

The importance of digital communication are

  • It can build better employee engagement
  • Amplify any content and makes it reachable to a vast number of people
  • Allows us to access measurable results

It can be much more helpful. It can eliminate the time required to face to face interactions. Also, AI, chatbots, and automation allow customers to reach out to oraganisations conveniently.

MCQs on Digital Communication

Solve Digital Communication Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. Learn more about Digital Communication and Digital Communication MCQs by checking notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on Digital Communication by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

Digital Communication Multiple-Choice Questions

1. The process of conversion of data along with its formatting is called:

a. Modulation

b. Formatting

c. Amplifying

d. Source Coding

Answer: (d) Source Coding

2. In the case of down-conversion, the multiplication with cosine wave would be followed by which of these filters?

a. Bandstop

b. Low pass

c. High pass

d. Bandpass

Answer: (b) Low pass

3. Which of these values of μ would correspond to the linear amplification?

a. =0

b. =1

c. >0

d. <0

Answer: (a) =0

4. From a digital filter, we would get an output pulse as _______ of our current pulse and previous pulse.

a. Ratio

b. Product

c. Summation

d. Difference

Answer: (c) Summation

5. The noise variance for AWGN is:

a. N0/2

b. N0

c. N0/4

d. 2N0

Answer: (a) N0/2

6. A bit stream would be portioned into an even stream and an odd stream in which of these systems?

a. FSK


c. MSK


Answer: (b) QPSK

7. How many transitions can we make at every bit of time?

a. Half

b. Three

c. Two

d. One

Answer: (c) Two

8. The Ls path loss depends on:

a. Effective area

b. Signal power

c. Antenna size

d. Wavelength

Answer: (d) Wavelength

9. Between two users of any given ideal TDM system, the cross-correlation present is:

a. 0

b. 1

c. -1

d. Infinity

Answer: (a) 0

10. A cycle slip would occur whenever the original phase error’s magnitude exceeds:

a. π2 radians

b. π radians

c. 2π radians

d. π/2 radians

Answer: (c) 2π radians

11. In the case of CDMA, ______ frequency reuse is totally possible.

a. 90%

b. 100%

c. 50%

d. No

Answer: (b) 100%

12. An Etherbnet’s maximum packet size is:

a. 1256 bytes

b. 1426 bytes

c. 1626 bytes

d. 1526 bytes

Answer: (d) 1526 bytes

13. The three ciphers can easily operate ______ bit blocks of plaintext as well as cipher text.

a. 64

b. 128

c. 156

d. 256

Answer: (a) 64

14. The total key size allowed in PGP is:

a. 1024-4056

b. 1024-4096

c. 1024-2048

d. 1024-1056

Answer: (b) 1024-4096

15. _______ fading occurs if the coherence bandwidth happens to be smaller than that of the bandwidth of the given signal.

a. Time selective

b. Fast fading

c. Frequency selective

d. Flat

Answer: (c) Frequency selective

16. Which of these tells us about a low-level transmission and also framing?

a. X series

b. V series

c. Q series

d. G series

Answer: (d) G series

17. __________ is the unit of average mutual information.

a. Bytes per symbol

b. Bits per symbol

c. Bytes

d. Bits

Answer: (d) Bits

18. The processing gain is given as:

a. R/Wss

b. R/2Wss

c. Wss/R

d. Wss/2R

Answer: (c) Wss/R

19. ____________ is a type of noise that would interfere much with the high frequency transmission.

a. Shot

b. Transit time

c. Flicker

d. White

Answer: (b) Transit time

20. __________ is a mechanism used to break down the problem.

a. Abstraction

b. Entity sharing

c. Dividing

d. Layering

Answer: (a) Abstraction

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