Bank Exam Preparation Tips For General Awareness Section Of Bank Clerk Exam

In this article, we shall look into how to prepare for GK section of the Bank Clerk exam.

The general awareness section is an important section of the different Bank Clerk exam, including SBI Clerk and IBPS Clerk exams.

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Looking for preparation tips for the general awareness section in the Bank Clerk exams??

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The GK section of the bank exams does not have any proper syllabus for it. It depends on current affairs and day-to-day activities happening around the globe, thus making it a very challenging section.

As the bank clerk exams have a sectional cut-off along with the overall cut-off, the aspirants must be well versed with the general awareness to clear the sectional cut-off.

As far as the bank exam preparation for this section is concerned, it is an unwise decision to keep the general awareness section for the last minute because the topics in this section are practically infinite.

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Hence, the candidates must prepare the General Awareness section regularly and prepare consistently to ensure that it is dealt with properly.

Having the right approach for the bank exam preparation of General Awareness is very important. 

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Essential Tips To Prepare General Awareness Section For Bank Clerk Exams

Here we bring for banking aspirants some salient tips to help them in their bank exam preparation of General Awareness section of Bank Clerk exam:

  • Follow some standard GK bank exam Books

There are tons of GK books available, and the candidates must choose the book which best suits them.

Candidates should start GK bank preparation by learning static GK from any book and ensure that the static GK is read daily gradually and are revised periodically.

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  • Get committed to the news    

News is a great source to learn the daily happenings around the world, i.e. by watching the news daily, one can easily take care of the Current Affairs bank preparation which is often asked in the General Awareness section.

Candidates are also advised to follow different news channels and read various newspapers, periodicals and journals to ensure proper acquaintance with the current affairs.

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  • Use the Internet sensibly

The internet is a vast sea of knowledge, and so any information can be easily found on the internet.

So, candidates should start using the internet to learn different static GK as well as current affairs to prepare well for this section.

There are various websites where people can learn different genres of general awareness for their bank exam preparation. So, such sites should be followed to get updated with general awareness and build the required confidence for the bank exam.

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  • Start taking notes

Notes are an essential source of information during the final stage of bank exam preparation. Notes are important not only to remember information better but are also aid during the revision process.

Hence, it is suggested that notes should be taken during the bank preparation so that the notes can be used well during last-minute revision when it is not judicious to re-read everything from the start.

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  • Give various mock tests

The mock tests are also a great source to build up knowledge about the General Awareness section. These tests are important because aspirants can easily check their level of bank preparation, along with getting to know a few more questions that may show up during the bank exam.

Hence, candidates should attempt a few online mock tests or buy some mock test papers to brush up the knowledge and improve in the GK section.

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  • Revise regularly

Revision is probably an essential thing because everything learned has to be retained to be able to clear the sectional cut-off of the General Awareness section quickly.

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Candidates should keep revising periodically so that the questions can be easily retained and for revision, the notes can prove to be helpful.

The General Awareness section is an easy scoring section for some while it can also be the reason for some not to clear the exam. This all depends upon the bank exam preparation level of the aspirants, i.e. if the candidates are well prepared and confident, this section can be easily cleared.

It is suggested that the General Awareness section should be done as early as possible in the exam since in these questions, a candidate can either know the answer or not know the answer.

Since the general awareness section is only a part of the mains exam, candidates can also refer to the IBPS Clerk mains exam analysis to understand the exam even better.

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Hence, there is no point in giving unnecessary time to this section as that crucial time can be utilised for attempting more critical sections like Quantitative Aptitude or Reasoning Ability.

Candidates who prepare well with proper dedication and adherence can clear the General Awareness section with ease. 

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