Global Humanitarian Award

The James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award is an award presented by the tech company Applied Materials and is given yearly. This is awarded to individuals with a broad vision and leadership skills to combat critical global issues.

This award aims to honour people who can help build an equal and better world using their intelligence and leadership skills. This award was founded after the company’s chairman, emeritus, James Morgan. He believed that technology could be used to help turn innovative and humanitarian ideas into solutions for a much better world.

Applied Materials’ mission is to protect, maintain and promote health, safety, general well-being. They always aim to make the world a better place through technological innovations, equipment and services.

This article will discuss the Global Humanitarian Award in the context of the Civil Services Exam.

Criteria for the Global Humanitarian Award

The company doesn’t lay out many specifics for their qualification of people deserving of the Global Humanitarian Award 2022. The general statement is that they aim to honour broad-minded individuals who also have the skills to lead the world and make it a better place. The general requirement for participants to be deserving of the award is:

  • Leadership: One quality mentioned in their list of individuals or recipients of this award has always been leadership.
  • Vision: For the individual to qualify, they must have a vision. They must know the results they want to achieve and plan how to do it. This means the vision should be appropriate to social and humanitarian causes. Along with that, the vision should have some efforts and initiatives behind it.
  • Address major social issues and bring social change: As mentioned before, to achieve the Global Humanitarian Award, the individual must address major humanitarian issues and causes. Understanding and addressing humanitarian issues in a particular region is essential. It is also crucial that the individual puts efforts to bring about a positive humanitarian-based change to the region.

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Winners of Global Humanitarian Award

Over the years, there have been several different recipients of this award, and you might be asked this in the UPSC Exam. These people came from various regions, serving different causes. Some of the people who have received this award are mentioned below:

Bill Gates (2006 – philanthropic ventures)

Bill Gates, the founder and inventor of Microsoft, received this award in 2006. He is known for his philanthropic work through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This foundation serves four major sections: Global Development, the United States and Policy, Advocacy and Global Health.

These sections then collaborate with several organizations worldwide to provide health and development aid to the places and regions that require it. They use innovative and technological solutions to address humanitarian crises.

Al Gore (2009 – environment awareness)

Former US Vice President Al Gore is known for raising awareness regarding climate and environmental issues. He appeared in the documentary titled ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, for which he won an Oscar and received the Nobel Peace Prize the following year.

Reid Hoffman (2021–22)

Reid Hoffman has played an integral role in building many of today’s leading consumer technology businesses. He is the co-author of three best-selling books: The Start-Up of You, The Alliance, and Blitzscaling. He is the host of the podcast Masters of Scale.


This award is significant since it helps shed light on critical humanitarian issues. This award helps highlight how technology can benefit minorities and as a solution for several humanitarian crises around the world. There have been several recipients of this award. All of them have contributed to the world by addressing or helping people caught in certain humanitarian crises worldwide.

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