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UPSC 2017-18: PIB Summary and Analysis Aug 17

Human safety and lives must always come first, says President Kovind to Indian Mining Industry 

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind  presented the National Safety Awards (Mines) for the years 2013 and 2014 at a function held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.

The President said that India is endowed with good mineral wealth. Today, this sector contributes 2.6 per cent of our national GDP and provides direct employment to over one million people on a daily average basis, and helps the lives of their families.

The President said that in recent decades, the Indian mining industry has progressed  in both production and productivity through mechanisation and adoption of new technology. Never before in its history has the Indian mining industry experienced such revolutionary change, at such an fast pace. The balance between higher productivity and profit margins and the safety of workers is vital. Human safety and lives must always come first. They are always the priority.

The President said that he was confident that the National Safety Awards in Mines will continue to be an motivator for upholding safety and welfare standards in the mines of our country. The President urged mining companies to design enlightened policies to give back to workers and families of workers, to the local community and to larger society.


Environment Minister Launches “Harit Diwali, Swasth Diwali” Campaign; urges children to celebrate Pollution-Free Diwali this Year 

Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr.  Harsh Vardhan, launched the “Harit Diwali, Swasth Diwali” campaign.  Addressing a gathering of children the importance of their contribution towards reducing pollution by not bursting  fire crackers during Diwali.   

Diwali is an integral part of our rich tradition and a festival that embodies joy and happiness.  In recent times, the pattern of celebration has changed  and has got associated with bursting of crackers, which contributes significantly to air and noise pollution.  This will have significant impact on the environment and health of the people. 

As has been the experience in the past few years, airborne pollution has been rising above safe limits during winter in many cities.  The excessive burning of crackers during Diwali aggravates the problem.  The pollution levels in Delhi last year, especially post Diwali, created emergency situation, which had socio-economic consequences like closing down of schools, construction sites and power stations. 

Some of the activities to promote Green Diwali among school children include stickers/logo distribution, poster competition, advertisement on public transport systems, public appeal using Radio/FM, involving industry associations and other stakeholders. 


Cultural Extravaganza Celebrates the Spirit of New India Movement 

The cultural extravaganza celebrating the spirit of New India Movement in the ongoing ‘SankalpParva-Sankalp Se siddhi’ (Attainment through Resolve) – a Sankalp Sandhya was organised by the Ministry of Culture.

Dr. Mahesh Sharma administered the New India Pledge to all participants. Speaking on the occasion, he said that India’s glorious culture and heritage will fulfil the vision of Sankalp Se Sidhhi initiative lead by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

He called upon people to focus on new India movement for achieving the goal as enshrined in New India Movement. This Sankalp Sandhya links PM’s core priorities of new India with contemporary issues, a movement to improve conditions through such initiative, he added. 


PM addresses Young Entrepreneurs at the “Champions of Change” initiative organised by NITI Aayog

The Prime Minister today interacted with Young Entrepreneurs at the “Champions of Change” initiative organised by NITI Aayog.

Six groups of Young Entrepreneurs made presentations before the PM on themes such as – Soft Power: Incredible India 2.0; Education and Skill Development; Health and Nutrition; Energizing a sustainable tomorrow; and Digital India; New India by 2022.

Appreciating the new ideas and innovations envisaged in the presentations made by the entrepreneurs, the Prime Minister said, that in times past, social initiatives had catered to the requirements of people at large, and these movements were spearheaded by eminent people in society.

The Prime Minister described the “Champions of Change” initiative as one effort to bring together diverse strengths for the benefit of the nation and society.

The Prime Minister said this initiative would be taken forward and institutionalised in the best possible way. One possibility could be to associate these groups that made presentations today, with the respective departments and Ministries in the Government


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Q. “Skill development is the only solution for New India -2022”. Comment.

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