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UPSC Civil Services Examination requires extensive Current Affairs preparation. An aspirant has to cover the current affairs relevant to the UPSC syllabus from various sources like daily News Paper (The Hindu, Indian Express), Yojana Magazine, Kurukshetra Magazine, PIB website etc. It might become very tedious and impossible for an individual to cover everything on a daily basis along with the preparation for General Studies static portion. To reduce the burden on the aspirants and yet cover all the aspects of UPSC Civil Service Examination General Studies preparation, there are various free study materials provided by BYJU’s :

  • NCERT History Notes:

UPSC history syllabus consists of Ancient Indian History, Medieval Indian History and Modern Indian History. This section provides the gist of all the NCERT history text books to ease your burden of picking up important facts from the examination perspective from among innumerable facts in the NCERT books.

  • NCERT books:

Studying the NCERT text books lays a strong foundation for every subject while preparing for the Civil Services Examination. All the basic NCERT books that need to be studied for the IAS exam are available on our Byju’s website.

  • Topic Of the Day:

UPSC requires the candidates to answer to the point in about 300-400 words while writing the Civil Services Mains Examination. Topic Of the Day section on the website covers one issue of importance or a topic relevant to the exam every day in a crisp and clear manner. This segment provides fodder for mains answer writing and at the same time, facts quoted could be useful for prelims general studies paper.

  • This Day in History:

History is one of the most important subjects in terms of the number of questions asked from the subject in both mains and prelims. This segment recalls notable events from the past that occurred on the same date and provides insights about the significance, outcomes and importance of that particular event.

  • IAS learning app:

The Byju’s Learning App has two components to assist IAS aspirants in their preparation. The first one being multiple choice questions in preliminary examination pattern. The questions are segregated subject wise, so as to make the preparations and revisions easier. It also includes CSAT practice questions. The second component is, 60+ hours of free access to video lectures pertaining to Polity, History, Geography, Economy, International relations etc.

It is very important for an aspirant to choose and follow authentic & relevant material from among the various free IAS study materials available online. Make use of all these segments for effective preparation and to maximize your chances of making it to the final rank list of the Civil Service Exam in your very first attempt.

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