How To Succeed In Bank Exams Without Books Or Coaching Centre?

In this article, we shall see how to prepare for bank exams in the year 2023 without any books or coaching center.

Most banking aspirants choose bank jobs not only because of a secure promising future but also because of a will to serve the people of the country.

The best thing about a bank job is that along with job satisfaction, it also provides an excellent work-life balance, which most high-paying private jobs fail to offer.

It has been observed that most of the bank aspirants are either in their final year of graduation or working professionals.

As a matter of fact, many prospective banking aspirants have so many responsibilities from which they cannot withdraw time for self-study, leaving them with a very short time to prepare for the bank exams. Hence, with limited time to study, it is a wastage of time and money to buy so many bank exam books and study materials.

Steps for Bank Exams Preparation without Bank Exam Books or Coaching Centre

The following are the steps that can guide candidates for bank exam preparation without referring any bank exam books or coaching centre:

1. Know the Strengths and Weaknesses:

Bank exams are divided into 5 major subjects that are Reasoning, English, Quantitative Aptitude, General/Banking Awareness and Computers. Candidates need to segregate the topics carefully and analyse and understand their strengths and weaknesses and work on those areas which need improvement. They should focus on weaker sections and try to enhance their knowledge on those topics in which they are weak and try to clear the concepts about them. However, they should practice more on those topics in which they are confident about.

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2. Plan the Bank Exams Preparation:

From the day a candidate starts his bank exam preparation to the day before the bank exam, he should have a study plan. At times, a candidate might exceed his plan but he should not lack behind in knowing all the topics of the respective bank exam. Daily revision is recommended. On completion of each topic, a candidate should try to practice questions on that topic to revise what he has learned in the lesson.

3. Set timing for all the sections:

Candidates should carefully analyze which section requires more time but never put in more than what is desired. Every topic holds equal importance, understanding that is important. Setting a time limit for a particular set of questions and trying to finish them in the required duration helps in preparing well for the exam. Failure to do so might impact the bank exam preparation process and also withhold the candidate from moving to the next section. It is imperative to understand that every second count, so candidates should use it wisely.

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4. Everyday Mock Tests:

Mock tests help a candidate to understand the status of his preparation, so taking them seriously is of prime importance. On weekdays, a candidate should try to solve at least one mock test and on weekends try solving at least three mock tests. There are various sites online that provide free mock tests. A candidate just needs to enroll himself and try taking timed mock tests and complete it within the required time.

Check the important links:

IBPS Mock Tests SBI Mock Tests
RBI Mock Tests Online Quiz

5. Reading newspapers:

Newspapers are a good source of information about day-to-day affairs and help in keeping a candidate updated and develop good English as well as good vocabulary skills. For newspapers candidates can subscribe to “The Times of India” or “The Hindu”, these two editions cover almost everything happening around the world in the most concise way.

List of Competitive Govt/Bank Exams
Staff Selection Commission (SSC) IBPS Regional Rural Banks (RRB)

6. YouTube channel for reference:

YouTube can help candidates in so many ways to find various tricks and shortcuts to solve the Quantitative Aptitude section.  Candidates can refer to BYJU’S Youtube channel of various Bank and Government exams and check various video tutorials and lessons for bank exam preparation. Besides, candidates can also watch various documentaries on YouTube which would help them to develop their English speaking skills.

7. Be clear to avoid confusion:

Everybody is familiar with the concept of negative marking in bank exams, thus a candidate cannot mark answers if he is confused, that would lead to the possibility of scoring less. He should only answer the questions in which he is 100% sure. There is no place for random wild guesses in bank exams.

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8. Practice previous years’ bank exam question papers:

Candidates should ensure that they are familiar with the last 10 years bank exam question papers. There is a high possibility of repetition of similar questions from the past years. Hence, practising from those question papers might prove beneficial.

Check Bank Exam Previous Year Question Papers in the link provided.

9. Combined doubt sessions:

Candidates can create or be a part of a study group with their friends. Adopting this practice will help them to clear their doubts and concepts. After all, sharing knowledge and learning in a group has its own benefits.

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10. Practice brings perfection:

Candidates should try to practice as much as they can. Referring to middle school books like S. Chand and NCERT books can also aid them in their bank exams preparation. Besides, candidates can also refer to bank exam books available online to learn about the weightage of questions from each section. For the Quantitative Aptitude section, a candidate can download Maths books until 10th class and practice all the questions from there. Candidates should practice until they are perfect with their concepts and remember that hard work and efforts never go to waste.

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Things to avoid during Bank Exam Preparation:

Given below are some of the important things that candidates should avoid while they are gearing up for their bank exam preparation:

  • Laziness and stay focused.
  • Reading novels, reading biographies/autobiographies might also help. However, much time should not be wasted in them.
  • Take occasional breaks to replenish and rejuvenate their minds.
  • Stay away from the negative environment as well as negative people.
  • Do not be a gossipmonger rather focus on studying.

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It is imperative to remember that answering 100 questions with 95-100% accuracy will help candidates to gain more confidence than answering 150 plus questions with 60-70% accuracy, stating the fact that there is no room for confusion.

For additional guidance on upcoming bank exams, candidates can check out BYJU’s website for updated content or directly talk to our Academic Counselors to resolve all their queries.



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