National Curriculum Framework

The revamped national curriculum framework (NCF), that will enable and promote excellent learning and teaching in the nation by turning the objective of the NEP 2020 into practice in the classrooms and schools, is fundamental to the implementation of the revolutionary National Education Policy 2020. The national steering committee (NSC), led by Dr. K Kasturirangan, and backed by the mandate group, as well as the national council for educational research and training (NCERT), are guiding the growth of the NCF. The NCF for school education (NCFSE), the NCF for early childhood care and education (NCFECCE), the NCF for teacher education (NCFTE), and the NCF for adult education (NCFAE) are all included in the NCF.

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The Mandate Document of NCF

The growth of the NCF is guided by the ‘mandate document’. The mandate document connects the NEP 2020 with the NCF.

Important Details of Mandate Document

  • It outlines the NCF’s development process as well as its attributes.
  • It gives the NCF explicit and concrete anchoring to the NEP 2020 goal, values, and methodology.
  • It establishes the processes for the creation of a cohesive and comprehensive NCF, taking full advantage of the ongoing extensive consultations.
  • The planned approach guarantees the seamless integration envisioned in the nep 2020 – both vertically (throughout stages) and horizontally (throughout topics in the same stage) – to offer comprehensive, integrated, and multi-disciplinary learning.
  • It empowers the critical linkage between school and teacher education curricula as an essential component of the impactful reforms envisaged by the NEP 2020 for the overall teacher education field, allowing for thorough preparation, professional growth, and a healthy work atmosphere for all the teachers.
  • It guides the development of prospects for continuous learning for all inhabitants in the country that are directly ‘usable by’ and ‘relatable to’ the most crucial stakeholders in education – teaching staff, pupils, parents, and communities throughout the nation – in order to enable and embolden, change, and enhance the truth of education practice.
  • Utilizing simple language and real-life examples from schools and classrooms in a range of circumstances, yet rooted and influenced by strong theory and top-notch research.
  • For the creation of the National Curriculum Framework, comprehensive national discussions with diverse stakeholders are taking place to provide a methodical route for a step-by-step transition from present reality to the ideal, ensuring actual improvement in education that impacts the lives of everyone.
  • Educators, school administrators, Anganwadi teachers, parents, society members, students, illiterates, neo literates, and education professionals participated in district-level deliberations across the nation.
  • Over 700 state-level specialist groups across fields and cross-cutting issues exist in states and union territories. 25 expert groups at the national level, including foreign specialists, will also be part of the deliberations.
  • The steering committee, together with the mandate group as well as the NCERT, are meticulously analysing the contributions to extract the best, which will be used in the construction of the NCFs.
  • A rigorous and comprehensive method was implemented that used technology, notably machine learning, to aggregate and compile information from all stakeholders, making the process nearly paperless.

In conjunction with these discussions, the NCF will take into consideration other efforts such as Nipun Bharat, the ministry of education’s national mission for fundamental literacy and numeracy, that is being executed with the utmost importance even while the NCF is being prepared.
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Recent Developments

  • The Union Education Minister of India released the “Mandate Document: Guidelines for the Development of the NCF” on April 29, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions about the National Curriculum Framework:


What does National Curriculum Framework provide?

The NCF serves as a guideline for syllabus, textbooks, and teaching practices for the schools in India. The NCF has based its policies on previous government reports on education, such as Learning Without Burden and National Policy of Education, and focus group discussion.

Is NCF and NEP same?

The NCF, a document that is referred to while designing school textbooks, is being developed as part of the government’s new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 — a plan that proposes sweeping reforms in the country’s education sector.

What do you understand by curriculum framework?

A Curriculum framework is a supportive structure to help schools to plan and develop their own curriculum. It comprises a set of interlocking components, including essential learning experiences, generic skills, values, attitudes, and key-learning areas.

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