World Computer Literacy Day

Celebrated on the 2nd of every December, World Computer Literacy Day marks the importance of computers in society. This day observes how vital computers are in today’s world.

This is a generation where half of the work is done by or on computers. People now carry computers everywhere, be it offices or vacations. A computer-literate country with proper access to the internet is a step towards development.

This article talks about the impact, theme, and how computer literacy day is celebrated each year to help competitive exam aspirants gain comprehensive knowledge.

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World Computer Literacy Day 2021

  • World Computer Literacy Day was last celebrated on 2nd December 2021. The theme was ‘Literacy for human-centred recovery: Narrowing the digital divide.’
  • Computers are not accessible to everyone, neither does everyone understand how to operate a computer. Africa, Southern Asia, and South America are separated from more technologically advanced regions globally, creating a digital divide. It also hampers the economic development of these countries.
  • This event is celebrated to increase global computer literacy. It teaches people from all around the world how to use computers, how computers work, and how to build a developed society.

About World Computer Literacy Day

  • N.I.I.T., an Indian Computer Company founded this day. They celebrated this day as it marked their 20th anniversary in 2001. World Computer Literacy Day was first celebrated on 2nd December 2001. Since then, every year, this day has spread awareness on the usage of computers globally.
  • N.I.I.T. stands for National Institute of Information Technology. It was founded by Vijay K. Thadani and Rajendra Singh Pawar in 1981. It is a talent and skill development company.

Objectives of World Computer Literacy Day

The objectives behind celebrating this day are-

  • Bridging the gap between the technologically backward and technologically developed nations across the globe
  • Motivating everyone globally to make full use of communication and information technology.
  • Spreading general awareness about computers, especially to teens, children, and women.

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World Computer Literacy Day Timeline




First-generation computer


First keyboard


First video game on computer – ‘Tennis for two’


Douglas Engelbert invented the first mouse


Computer Literacy Day

Global Impact of World Computer Literacy Day

As of June 2018, internet users made up 55% of the global population. Asia contributes to 55% of the world population, yet only 49% use the internet. On the other hand, North America constitutes 4.8% of the global population, where 95% use the internet. On this day, Indians emphasise the importance of computers in their lives.

How to Celebrate World Computer Literacy Day?

  • Donate in charity- The least way to help is to support the event. By donating to a charity, one can also help others access a computer and let more people be computer-literate.
  • Using the computer- Even if one does not need to use the computer, doing basic things like playing a video game or watching a movie would contribute to this cause. This way, it will be refreshing, and the computer is utilised in a good manner.
  • Post the hashtag- One of the easiest ways to celebrate and spread awareness is via social media. Post the hashtag ‘#computerliteracyday’ and let more people know about this event.

Importance of World Computer Literacy Day

This day is crucial as-

  • It Prioritises Promoting Education

The main motive of this event is to educate people globally about computers. Although most of the world’s population knows the usage of computers, a vast population is unaware of it.

  • Promotes Charity

This day reminds the world that several people do not have access to computers as a result of factors like underdevelopment and poverty. Thus, those who are more fortunate can donate and let others use computers.

  • It Celebrates Technology and Its Powers

This day celebrates the technological advancement that has taken place in the past years. The computer is an incredible invention that has single-handedly changed how the world works. This day celebrates the digital well-being of the world.

Hopefully, this article about World Computer Literacy Day will be beneficial to increase the general awareness of aspiring students.

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Frequently Asked Questions about World Computer Literacy Day


What is the full form of CAPTCHA?

The full form of CAPTCHA is a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans apart.


Who invented computers?

Charles Babbage invented computers.

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