Central Zoo Authority

The Central Zoo Authority or the CZA is the framework of the authorities of India responsible for taking care of the zoo. It is a companion member of WAZA or the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. This was created to get Indian zoos to global standards. The CZA or Central Zoo Authority India was constituted beneath phase 38A of the Wild Life Protection Act 1972. This Authority includes ten members, a Chairman, and a Member Secretary. The foremost goal of the Authority is to supplement the countrywide attempt in the conservation of untamed life.

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CZA – An Overview

Most importantly, the candidate is required to clear the UPSC exam or any other government exam like the IPS or IAS exam. You can use UPSC Notes to study current affairs for exams. We will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of zoos and some facts related to zoos and the Central Zoo Authority Of India UPSC.

Eligibility Criteria

● Eligibility criteria for CZA are that the candidates need to be a citizen of India and must obtain any M.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D in any popular university/institution.

● The Selection Procedure for CZA Member Secretary is UPSC Prelims Exam, Mains Exam, and Interview.

UPSC syllabus includes history, geography, current affairs quiz, sociology, etc.

● Candidates qualifying for the prelims examination might appear for the mains examination.

● The jobs could be for different posts like Member Secretary, and different exams are carried out through the Central Zoo Authority of India. CZA will show all the latest jobs at the modern dates.

● Candidates doing IAS preparation or giving UPSC 2022 can think of it as an option.

What is CZA?

The CZA is headed with the aid of the Minister Environment & Forests, Government of India. For the general control of the creatures housed within the central zoos of India, requirements and conditions for suitable housing, upkeep, healthcare, eating regimen, and many others have been laid beneath the reputation of zoo rules, 1992, which changed into in addition amended in the 12 months 2013 and 2009.

The CZA’s project is to offer higher veterinary care and preservation to the untamed animals kept in zoos in India to confirm their protection via first-class practices of control and bringing education & cognizance to many of the people.

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Pros and Cons of Central Zoo Authority Of India


● Zoos play an essential function to shield many animals from endangerment or maybe from extinction.

● Because of habitat destruction and plenty of different environmental problems, many species have emerged as endangered during the last decades.

● One important benefit of zoos is they permit us to peer many exclusive animals in a single place.

● Many massive zoos have loads or maybe hundreds of various animal species, or even if you look for a distinguished substitute species that could in no way be found in your neighbourhood area, possibilities are that you’ll locate the ones in zoos.

● Zoos aren’t simplest critical to shield endangered animals from extinction; they’re also critical from an economic attitude for plenty of neighbourhood groups worldwide.


● The animals may also frequently experience being trapped because they must live in their cages and cannot navigate as they might do in the wild.

● Another hassle of zoos is that animals frequently have restricted areas to move.

● While animals could have nearly limitless areas, they’re frequently caged in instead restricted regions in zoos.

● While a few zoos are pretty worthwhile and make appropriate money, different zoos depend upon donations and authorities’ subsidies to survive.

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Central Zoo Authority – Key Facts

Since its inception in 1992, the Authority has evaluated 347 zoos, out of which 164 had been identified, and 183 refused recognition. Out of 183 zoos that refused recognition, 90 had been closed down, and their animals relocated suitably. Cases of the ultimate ninety-one non-recognized zoos are presently under review. The Authority additionally implements and coordinates applications on potential constructing of zoo personnel, deliberate conservation breeding applications, and ex-situ studies inclusive of organic intervention to protect species for completing situ preservation actions within the country.


Central Zoo Authority Upsc is an important part of a current affairs quiz and preparation. The Central Zoo Authority UPSC’s challenge is to offer higher protection and veterinary care to the wild animals housed in zoos in India to ensure their conservation via fine practices of control and bringing schooling & consciousness to some of the people. There are four principal roles of zoos today. They are conservation, studies, schooling, and recreation. Breed animals in captivity so that they do not turn out to be extinct.

We hope that this article gave you helpful information on the CZA and its role in the syllabus of UPSC.


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