National Medicinal Plants Board

The National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) is an organisation set up by the Government of India to support policies and look into matters regarding medicinal plants in order to promote their trade export and cultivation

The NMPB comes under the Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy (AYUSH).

This article will give further information regarding the National Medicinal Plants Board within the context of the Government Exams.

Overview of the National Medicinal Plants Board

The National Medicinal Plants Board was established by the Government of India in 24th November 2000. Its mandate is to promote the medicinal plant’s sector by developing a suitable mechanism which will support policies and programs for the cultivation and export of medicinal plants.

The growing demand for medicinal plants is met by the NMBP’s focus on conservation and augmentation of local medicinal plants and spices of significance. The NMPB encourages research and development, capacity building through training and promotion of actives such as the creation of herbal gardens at the home and school levels. The board also supports programs for quality assurance, which institute a credible mechanism for the certification of quality raw drugs, seed and planting material.

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Functions of the NMBP

The functions of the National Medicinal Plant Board:

  • The functions of the National Medicinal Plants Board is as follows:
  • Advise concerned Ministries and State/ Union Territory Governments on policy matters relating to schemes and programs for the development of medicinal plants.
  • Identification, Inventorisation and Quantification of medicinal plants.
  • Promotion of co-operative efforts among collectors and growers and assisting them to store, transport and market their products effectively.
  • Setting up of data-base system for incentivisation, dissemination of information and facilitating the prevention of Patents being obtained for medicinal use of plants which is in the public domain.
  • Undertaking and awarding Scientific, Technological research and cost-effectiveness studies.
  • Development of protocols for cultivation and quality control.
  • Encouraging the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

UPSC 2022

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