Surat Split

The Congress split at Surat took place in the year 1907 in the month of December. Around this time, revolutionary terrorism had gained momentum. These 2 events were seemingly connected.

In December 1905, at the Benaras session of the Indian National Congress presided over by Gokhale, the Moderate-Extremist differences came to the front.

In 1907 the Surat session was held at the bank of the Tapti river in Surat. The Extremist camp was led by Lal Bal Pal and the moderate camp was led by Gopal Krishna Gokhle. Here congress met in an atmosphere of anger and resentment. Dr. Rash Behari Ghosh was elected in the session but  extremists had an objection to this election. Initially the extremists protested against the election but soon they accepted Dr. Rash Behari Ghosh as the president and offered to cooperate. But the session was suspended. Congress got split. By the time, the next session of Congress was held in Madras in 1908 under Dr. Rash Behari Ghosh, it was the extremist camp that was facing the Lathis and arrest by the British Government who was now in its comfortable position as Congress was divided.

Consider the following statements:

  • The congress session of 1907 was held at Surat.
  • The extremist party was led by Lal Bal Pal.

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

a) Only 1

b) Only 2

c) Both 1 and 2

d) None of the above

Answer: C

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