English Language For IBPS Clerk Prelims

Under the English Language section 30 questions of the IBPS Clerk Prelims the candidates will be tested on the topics that are covered in this section. The candidate’s skill for Basic English is tested in this section as the questions cover topics like spot the errors, fill in the blanks etc. Those candidates having a good command, will have an edge over other the candidate as they can score high marks in this section particularly.

The IBPS Clerk exam is conducted annually and the number of applicants for the exam are very high. Most students get stuck in the English language section of the IBPS Clerk exam because the options given are very similar and candidates end up selecting the wrong answer and losing marks. So, in this article, we bring you preparation tips for the English section in the IBPS Clerk exam.

Candidates can know the detailed IBPS Clerk syllabus at the linked article.

The designed pattern of this section will cover the following topics.

Prelims Topics For The English Language Expected No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension 10
Spot the errors 5
Fill in the banks 5
Para jumbles 5
Sentence correction 5
Cloze test 5

Apart from the IBPS Clerk exam, IBPS conducts various other exams and candidates can know more about them at the linked article.

IBPS Clerk Prelims English language preparation should be started from the very basic as this section comprises of question that has grammar as the main content. Those who have a good command over the language and grammatical part of English will be able to solve IBPS Clerk Prelims English language section quickly and utilize the time saved in this section for either Reasoning or Quantitative aptitude.

While solving the English section in the IBPS Clerk exam, candidates must make sure that they start with solving the fill in the blanks and cloze test questions first. This will help them save a lot of time. Candidates must solve the comprehension questions in the end and save sufficient time to solve the reading comprehension questions.

For the detailed bank exam syllabus, candidates can visit the linked article.

As shown in the topic-wise weightage, this section in IBPS Clerk Prelims comprises of 10 questions that are based on reading comprehension where the candidate is required to answer the questions that are originated or designed from the passage itself so the candidate should focus and practice to read this passage very carefully to avoid time wastage by reading the passage all over again.

While preparing and attempting the paper of IBPS Clerk Prelim 2020 the candidate is advised to:

  • To strengthen the basics of English Language Skills.
  • If the candidate has a good command over the English language it is recommended to start with this section first.
  • If the candidate is weak in this section then this section should be attempted in the last.
  • It is recommended by us to start off with fill in blanks, sentence correction and cloze test questions instead of getting started with Para jumbles.
  • Understand Reading comprehension first before answering the questions.
  • If the candidate is confused in between 2- 3 options in the cloze test then only move to the next question.
  • Use the elimination method for solving the fill in the blanks.
  • Speaking or reading a sentence in your mind for Spot The Error or Sentence Correction, the sentence which is sounding perfect will the answer you are looking for.
  • Practice with as many numbers of mock tests to attain an efficiency level during the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam.

Given below is the link to IBPS Clerk mock test and question paper for the reference of candidates

  1. IBPS Clerk Mock Test
  2. IBPS Clerk Previous Year Question Paper

With the above-mentioned pattern and tips for the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam the candidate will be able to have a better understanding on how to study the English Language section for the given bank exam.

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