National Film Award

The National Film Award is the most prestigious award for artists like directors, editors, actors, etc., conceived by the Government of India to recognise the nation’s creative and literary genius. Unsurprisingly, the National Film Award makes critical current affairs essential in your preparation for competitive exams in the future.

In India, the National Film Awards have been announced each year by the Directorate of Film Festivals since 1973. The award ceremony is divided into two different categories of cinema: Feature and Non-Feature films.

This year, many films were screened for local and international viewers at the beginning of the National Film Award Ceremony. The esteemed critics hailed from leading fine arts academies like the National School of Drama and the National Film Institute of India. A new jury of critics is appointed for the New Delhi awards every year.

This award ceremony’s nomination and eligibility criteria are centralised and transparent. The voting system is used to determine the final list of National Film Awards winners each year in categories like Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Script Writer, and many more.

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National Film Award, 2021

In 2021, due to the delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the results for the National Film Award, 2019, were released publicly. It sought to commemorate the best social issue films, cinematic artworks, short documentaries, and feature films. You can read more about these facts and events online for your attempts at IAS Exam.

India celebrated the 67th Anniversary of the National Film Award in 2021, and nomination entries of different artworks/films were accepted from different states of India. Now, let us look at the several categories of winners declared in the recently held ceremony of the National Film Award, 2021.

National Film Awards Winners, 2021

Here’s a list of the most prominent National Film Awards winner and their categories:

1. Best Feature Film, 2021 was awarded to the Malayali language cinema titled, Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea.

2. Best Direction, 2021 was awarded to Mr. Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan for his work titled Bahattar Hoorain.

3. Best Special Effects, 2021 was also awarded to the Malayalam feature film, Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea.

4. Best Child Artist, 2021 was awarded to Mr. Naga Vishal for his Tamil movie, KD.

5. Best Film on Environment,2021, was awarded a feature film called the Water Burial directed by Santannu Sen.

6. Special Jury Award, 2021 was awarded to the excellent documentary film Small Scale Societies.

7. Best Exploration Film, 2021 was awarded to the Kannada movie titled Wild Karnataka.

8. Best Biographical Film, 2021 was awarded to the premier feature film, Elephants Do Remember.

9. Best Book on Cinema, 2021 was awarded to work titled, A Gandhian Affair: India’s Curious Portrayal of Love in Cinema and written by Mr Sanjay Suri.

10. Best Short Fiction Film, 2021 was awarded the feature film called Custody by Ambiecka Pandit.

11. Best Screenplay (Dialogues), 2021 was awarded to the fantastic work titled, The Tashkent Files.

12. Best Educational Film, 2021 was awarded the remarkable work titled, Apples and Oranges.

These cinematic films dealt with diverse themes – as the National Film Awards seek to recognise – such as contemporary social issues and cultural concerns, including Child Marriage, hardships of migrant labourers, domestic violence, nationalism, and many more themes.

The Central Board of Film Certification in India is responsible for carrying out censorship acts, granting film certification, etc., to different categories of cinema like short films, feature/non-feature films, documentaries, and many more.

Conclusively, this article has helped you learn about the history and selection processes of the National Film Award in India. In addition, the list of many National Film Awards Winners has also been mentioned to help the students while preparing for current affairs, current affairs quiz, etc., for competitive exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions on National Film Festival


Who was awarded the Special Jury Award in the National Film Award, 2021?

The Special Jury Award in the National Film Award, 2021, was awarded to Small Scale Societies.


Who was awarded the Best Educational Film award in the National Film Award, 2021?

The Best Educational Film Award was given to the documentary film called, Apples and Oranges


Which film was awarded the Best Film on Environment in the National Film Award, 2021?

The Best Film on Environment was awarded to Water Burial’s excellent film.


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