National Milk Day

Milk is an ideal source of phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D and potassium for humans. The dairy industry contributes around 5.3% to India’s GDP.

Dr Verghese Kurien brought the white revolution and made the dairy farm the largest self-sustaining industry in India.

To honour his contribution, the Ministry of Animal Husbandry & Dairying celebrated National Milk Day on 26th November 2014.

Students preparing for the UPSC prelims can follow this article to learn about National Milk Day.

What is National Milk Day?

National Milk Day celebrates the importance of milk in a human’s life and spreads awareness on the benefits of drinking milk. NMD also aims to strengthen the dairy sector by increasing the production of milk products.

The National Milk Day is celebrated on 26th November to pay tribute to Dr Verghese Kurien’s birthday. He is known to bring the white revolution to India.

In fact, the NMD 2021 commemorated Dr Kurien’s 100th birth anniversary.

Moreover, National Gopal Ratna Awards were awarded to the stakeholders of the Dairy sector. An In Vitro Fertilization lab was also launched at Gujarat, Dhamrod, Hessarghatta and Karnataka.

According to the Business Standard, the Dairy industry in India is expected to grow by 9-11% in 2021-22. This growth is affiliated to increasing per capita consumption of milk, economic revival and changing dietary preferences in urban areas.

Nevertheless, individuals preparing for UPSC 2022 or relevant exams must know about Dr Kurien in detail. This will help them answer long and short questions confidently.

Who was Dr Verghese Kurien?

  • He was born on 26th November 1921 to an affluent Syrian Christian family in Kozhikode, Kerala. 
  • Dr Kurien is regarded as the Father of the White Revolution in India by leading the world’s extensive agricultural program Operation Flood.
  • He established 30 institutions managed by farmers and workers and helped organise the Delhi Milk Scheme to correct the prices levied. He is known to establish the brand Amul and industrialise dairy production.
  • India became the largest milk producer in 1998 and surpassed the US because of Dr Kurien’s contribution.
  • Dr Kurien was awarded several honours like Ramon Magsaysay Award, World Food Prize and Krishi Ratna.
  • He also received India’s highest civilian awards, namely the Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.

Individuals should understand the importance of operation flood and its different phases. This will help UPSC, and IAS exam aspirants prepare notes.

What is Operation Flood?

National Milk Day India remembers the contribution of Operation Flood in revolutionising milk production in India. Operation Flood took place on 13th January 1970 to help farmers get the right product price.

This dairy development program helped dairy farming turn into a sustainable rural employment sector within thirty years.

This operation provided the farmers with direct control over the production and development of milk and milk products. This initiative helped bring the white revolution and enhance the quality and quantity of milk production.

What are the Phases of the White Revolution?

Students preparing for the IAS exam and UPSC exam should know the three phases of the white revolution.

  • Phase I- This phase took place between 1970-1980 and aimed to set dairy cooperatives in 18 milk sheds in 10 cities. The aim was to connect these sheds to the metropolitan market.
  • Phase II- In this phase, milk outlets increased to 290 urban markets and 136 milk sheds. Nearly 4,250,000 milk producers spread across multiple cooperatives in India.
  • Phase III- This phase strengthened the infrastructure to increase milk volumes.

What are the Benefits of the Milk Revolution?

  • It helped increase milk production in India
  • This initiative increases rural income.
  • It has made products reasonable for consumers.
  • India has become the largest producer of milk in the world in 2016-17.

Hopefully, this article on National Milk Day will help competitive exam aspirants prepare. They can check educational portals to find detailed information on the said National Milk Day of India.

Additionally, checking news portals will help them find details on National Milk Day activities.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the father of the white revolution in India?

Dr Verghese Kurien is the father of the white revolution in India. He initiated an operation flood to strengthen the dairy sector in India.


Name the Indian brand started by Dr Verghese Kurien?

Dr Verghese Kurien started Amul on 14th December 1946. It started initially with two cooperative dairy societies and 247 litres of milk only. Moreover, it was an initiative to help farmers fight the corruption in Polson dairy.


Who commemorated National Milk Day in 2021?

The Union Government commemorated National Milk Day as a part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

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