World Giving Index 2021

Donation or charity is a great moral virtue and brings many positive effects. For those who can afford to donate, a minor contribution to society can make a huge difference. Giving includes money or goods and consists of any help or volunteering. Donation improves mood and provides us with the satisfaction of helping someone in need. The onset of the pandemic has resulted in financial stress for many people.

However, many individuals and firms have reportedly come forward to help those in need. The act of donation indeed depends on the economic status of the country. A yearly World Giving Index report is prepared to analyse the scope and nature of giving in different nations. The World Giving Index is vital for preparing for the IAS exam. To learn in detail about the World Giving Index, follow the article below!

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What is the World Giving Index?

The World Giving Index is an annual report based on the charitable nature of all nations across the globe. The information is prepared by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and is based on the data collected by Gallup. Gallup is a US-based analytics company founded by George Gallup. The company is known for conducting public opinion polls in different spheres.

The World Giving Index has been studied since 2010 and aims to review the giving nature of other countries. Over the past ten years, CAF has surveyed more than 1.3 million people to find out how they contribute to charity.

How is the World Giving Index calculated?

The World Giving Index is calculated based on data collected by Gallup in the form of interviews and polls. The study is carried out in 140 countries, which make up about 95% of the world’s total adult population. A representative group of people is selected in each country, covering almost every area (including civilian non-civilian groups).

The number of people interviewed by Gallup depends on the extent of the country, its people, or the level of development. For example, the surveys may not be conducted in countries where the safety of the interviewing staff is questionable, countries with less population, or those with issues in connectivity with other places.

The samples are probability-based and have some error percentages. The fundamental question asked by Gallup is if the people have contributed money to a charitable organization, volunteered their time to an organization, or helped a stranger.

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World Giving Index 2021

The annual report of the World Giving Index 2021 has noticed that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an increase in the act of giving in many countries. As the crisis struck, many people came forward to help the unknown. The significant findings of the World Giving Index 2021 are:

  1. Indonesia, Kenya, and Nigeria form the top-3 most generous countries in the index.
  2. The worst performing countries in terms of generous donations are Belgium (112th rank), Portugal (113th rank), and Japan (114th rank).
  3. The donation of money increased considerably during the pandemic, but the levels of volunteering remained nearly the same.
  4. The index includes many African nations in the top-10 spots, which indicates the increasing generosity of the African population.
  5. More than three billion people in the world helped a stranger in 2020.
  6. As per the report, more than three in ten adults globally donated money to charity in 2020.

Some significant findings of the World Giving Index 2021 for India

The World Giving Index 2021 report has presented the following key findings for India’s rank in the World Giving Index:

  1. From its 10-year global rank of 82, India has jumped up to the 14th spot amongst the 114 countries that were a part of the 2021 survey.
  2. As per the survey for India, 61% of Indians have helped strangers, 36% of Indians granted money to support, and 34% of Indians volunteered for a good cause.
  3. India is now a part of the top-20 most generous countries globally.
  4. This improvement in India was observed across all age groups and both genders.


The annual World Giving Index provides insights into the giving nature of a country. With the report’s findings, CAF expects the act of giving to increase on a global scale. The improvement in the donation status of different countries is a ray of hope for those undergoing hardships.

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