Sansad TV Perspective: Contribution of Indian Diaspora

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In this article, we feature the discussion on the topic: Contribution of Indian Diaspora

Anchor: Vishal Dahiya


  1. Manika Jain, Additional Secretary, Overseas Indian Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs
  2. Virendra Gupta, President, Antar Rashtriya Sahyog Parishad & Former Ambassador
  3. Dr. Mekhala Chandra, Senior Consultant, Department of Internal Medicine, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, California, USA.


India has one of the largest diasporas around the world comprising around 32 million people. According to a World Bank report, India received approximately 87 billion dollars in remittances in 2021 with the USA being the biggest source, accounting for over 20% of these funds. To mark the contribution of the Overseas Indian community in the development of India, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is celebrated on 9th January every year which marks the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi to India in 1915.

Contributions of Diaspora

  • The most striking feature of the contribution of the Indian Diaspora is the huge transfer of remittances. India received approximately 87 billion dollars in remittances in 2021. This remittance allows for greater economic integration, social security and facilitates the migration of labour.
  • The Indian Diaspora is also regarded as the goodwill ambassador of India and represents the Indian traditions, culture, values, morals and mores in foreign lands. This cultural integration also allows for better reception of the Indian viewpoint at the global level.
  • The intangible socio-cultural presence of the Indian Diaspora has also infused a synergy between different ethnicities and nationalities. The promotion of Bollywood cinema, festivals such as Deepavali, performing Yoga has created a sustainable bridge to reach India’s soft power projection.
  • The Diaspora is also very influential politically and many of the members of the Indian diaspora are in ministerial and administrative capacities. This allows for a political influence and helps India in boosting bilateral trade. Such groups of the Indian diaspora act as lobbyists and advocacy groups for India’s security and economic interest.

Recent Government Initiatives for Indian Diaspora

  • Following the spirit of 4 Cs [Connect ~ Contribute ~ Celebrate ~ Care].
  • Organizing conferences under the aegis of the Ministry of External Affairs for the purposes of spreading awareness about specific areas like up-skilling of NRI labour force, finding opportunities for students enrolled in foreign institutes.
  • Appointment of a specific Diaspora Welfare Officer.
  • Ensuring 100 percent grievance redressal through E-Migration Portal, Madad Portal, and CPGRAMS.
  • Promotion to government-diaspora collaboration and providing for cultural promotion abroad with a special emphasis on engaging with the youth.

Steps to Take

  • The focus should be made on the second-generation diaspora and the diaspora which is settled in the foreign country as a professional. This dollar diaspora can be utilised in a better manner with more government-diaspora interconnectedness.
  • The diaspora should not be referred to only in the form of remittances, or the presence in English speaking developed countries. There are millions of Indian diaspora in the developing world such as West Asia, Latin America and many Girmitiya countries. This diaspora must also be taken into consideration while devising any policy for the benefit of the diaspora. The investment potential and technology transfer that can be shared will allow for a great level of economic boost to India in countering disguised unemployment.
  • The Diaspora should be approached with a multipronged strategy covering all sections and categories of individuals. The academic diaspora should be provided with the opportunity to contribute to brain gain instead of brain drain. The dollar diaspora should be given the ease of business opportunities. The blue-collar diaspora should be given welfare policies such as life insurance and formal employment through skilling and registration on portals.

To unlock the true potential of the Indian Diaspora, each section of Diaspora needs to be treated as the true ambassador of India’s interests. The diaspora’s goodwill and support will allow India to achieve the true projection of its soft power and fulfil its economic and social aspirations in the New World.

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