UPSC – CSAT Practice Questions

The UPSC civil services prelims exam is due to be held on 2nd June 2019. If you are a serious IAS aspirant, you would be busy preparing for both the GS paper I and II. Solving sample papers is a very important part of your IAS preparation as it helps you in assessing your strengths and weaknesses. So, we bring you a series of sample questions for your practice. This article gives you ten model CSAT questions.

CSAT Questions

Study the passage and answer the questions (Q1 – Q4) that follow:

India’s role on the international stage was moulded by history rather than by the pomp and circumstances of war. As a separate entity of the British Empire, India became a founder member of the League of Nations in the same Way as Australia and Canada, and thus acquired a somewhat unique international status long before independence. During the days of the League when India’s interests were affected, such as in matters of trade or the position of Indians overseas, the Indian delegation did not hesitate to make known its independent position, for what it was worth. Some Indian delegates were inn demand for chairing meetings riddled with contention and controversy, because of their reputation for impartiality and talent for mediation. These were the small beginnings of India’s later entry into the United Nations in 1945, again as a founder member before independence. The drafting of Chapter IX and X of the UN Charter, which deal with international social and economic cooperation, was entrusted to a group that was presided over by an Indian. It is important, however, to bear in mind that fact that the Government of independent India had no part in the drafting of the UN Charter, although it accepted the obligations contained therein. The UN was primarily the creation of three powers-The USA, UK and Russia. The size, population, resources and potential of India lent it the weight of a medium power in the functioning of the United Nations. The fact that India was among the first nations to liberate itself from the imperialist domination through non-violent means endowed it with a moral obligation to work in and outside the UN for the independence of nations still under colonial rule. India has served on the Security Council for 10 years or 5 terms, on the Trusteeship Council for 12 years or 4 terms and on the Economic and Social Council for 21 years or 7 terms.

Q1. The title below that best expresses the idea of the passage is

  1. India’s Role at the United Nations
  2. India and Her Neighbours
  3. India’s International Prestige
  4. British Colonial Expansion

Q2. Though a part of the British Empire, India enjoyed great prestige at the League in as much as Indian delegates were in demand for chairing meetings to consider controversial issues. It was because (I) Indian delegates were well known for their impartiality. (II) Indian delegates had a talent for mediation. (III) India was considered a power to reckon with.

  1. I and III are correct
  2. I and II are correct
  3. I, II and III are correct
  4. Only I is correct

Q3. Which chapters of the UN Charter deal with international, social and economic cooperation?

  1. Chapters IX and X
  2. Chapters X and XI
  3. Chapters VI and VII
  4. Chapters IX and XII

Q4. Which of the following countries does not find any coverage in the passage?

  1. USA
  2. Britain
  3. Russia
  4. France

Q5. Consider the following argument:

“In, order to be a teacher one must graduate from college. All poets are poor. Some Mathematicians are poets. No college graduate is poor.”

Which one of the following is not a valid conclusion regarding the above argument?

  1. Some Mathematicians are not teachers.
  2. Some teachers are not Mathematicians.
  3. Teachers are not poor.
  4. Poets are not teachers.

Q6. In a group of persons, 70% of the persons are male and 30% of the persons are married. If two-sevenths of the males are married, what fraction of the females is single?

  1. 1/5
  2. 1/3
  3. 2/3
  4. 2/5

Q7. A village having a population of 4000 requires 150 litres of water per head per day. It has a tank measuring 20m x 15m x 6m. The water of the tank will last for

  1. 4 days
  2. 2 days
  3. 6 days
  4. 3 days

Q8. A student on her first three tests received an average score of N points. If she exceeds her previous average score by 20 points on her fourth test, then what is the average score for the first 4 tests?

  1. N + 4
  2. N + 5
  3. N + 10
  4. N + 20

Q9. A contract on construction job specifies a penalty for delay in completion of the work beyond a certain date is as follows: Rs.200 for the first day, Rs.250 for the second day, Rs.300 for the third day, etc. The penalty for each succeeding day is 50 more than that of the preceding day. How much penalty should the contractor pay if he delays the work by 10 days?

  1. 650
  2. 3600
  3. 4250
  4. 5560

Q10. What is the minimum number of different colours required to paint the given figure such that no two adjacent regions have the same colour?


  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 6


Check out the answer key for the above questions:

  1. A     2. B    3. A     4. D     5. B     6. C     7. D      8. B     9. C    10. A

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