23 Feb 2024: PIB Summary for UPSC

23 Feb 2024 PIB
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1. Sant Guru Ravidas
2. Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules
3. Gati Shakti Research Chair
4. Prelims Facts
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1. Sant Guru Ravidas

Syllabus: GS-1, History

Prelims/Mains: Sant Guru Ravidas, Bhakti Movement


647th Birth Anniversary of Sant Guru Ravidas.


  • Guru Ravidas was an Indian mystic poet-saint who was part of the Bhakti tradition.

Read more about Sant Guru Ravidas in the linked article.

2. Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules

Syllabus: GS-2, Polity & Governance

Prelims/Mains: Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules


The government amends the Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules.


  • The amendments further reduce the timeline for getting new electricity connections and simplify the process of setting up rooftop solar installations.
  • They empower consumers living in multistoried flats to choose their connection type and ensure separate billing for common areas and backup generators in residential societies
  • They also provide for check meters to be installed by distribution companies to verify electricity consumption in case of consumer complaints.
  • Easier and Faster installation of Rooftop Solar Systems
    • The amendments facilitate faster installation and enhance the ease of setting up Rooftop Solar PV systems at the premises of prosumers.
    • Exemption has been given for the requirement of technical feasibility study, for systems up to a capacity of 10 kW. 
    • For systems of capacity higher than 10 kW, the timeline for completing the feasibility study has been reduced from twenty days to fifteen days. 
  • Consumers can now obtain separate electricity connections for charging their Electric Vehicles (EVs).

3. Gati Shakti Research Chair

Syllabus: GS-3, Infrastructure

Prelims: Gati Shakti Research Chair


India’s first Gati Shakti Research Chair has been established at IIM Shillong.


  • The Chair will spearhead high-quality academic research on multimodal logistics with a North-East focus: building knowledge on multimodal logistics development strategies and practice in the North-Eastern region, facilitating knowledge and innovation for logistical capacity building in the region. 
  • The chair also aims to foster collaboration with global experts in creating and developing knowledge & expertise while strengthening the links between the multimodal logistics research and capacity-building activities with key stakeholders such as the logistics industry, government bodies, local authorities, and other partners and associations.
  • The chair will also support the multimodal logistics research activities, capacity building and outputs to enable PM Gati Shakti Masterplan to power the East and North-East Region’s logistical capacity.

4. Prelims Facts

International Mother Language Day

  • International Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21 every year.
  • The theme of the International Mother Language Day 2024 is “Multilingual education is a pillar of intergenerational learning”.

Read more about International Mother Language Day in the linked article.

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