29 Sep 2020: PIB Summary & Analysis

September 29th, 2020 PIB:- Download PDF Here

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iDEX4Fauji launched for the first time to encourage innovation among soldiers.

About iDEX4Fauji:

  • iDEX4Fauji is a first of its kind initiative, launched to support innovations identified by members of the Indian Armed Forces and will bolster frugal innovation ideas from soldiers/field formations.
  • There are more than 13 Lakh service personnel working in the field and on borders, handling extreme conditions and equipment and would be having many ideas and innovations to improve such equipment.
  • There was no mechanism to support such innovations.
  • iDEX4Fauji would open this window and allow the soldiers to become part of the innovation process and get recognised and rewarded.
  • Services Headquarters will provide support to the soldiers & field formations all over the country to ensure maximum participation.

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September 29th, 2020, PIB:- Download PDF Here

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