BSF Raising Day

The border security force (BSF) is India’s five central armed police forces. The BSF Raising Day was hoisted due to the 1965 Indo-Pak war on December 1, 1965, to ensure the safety and security of borders in India. The core and its executives guard and prevent smuggling, protect people living near the borders by spreading awareness and controlling various trans-border crimes.

This article will discuss BSF Raising Day in the context of the IAS Exam.

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BSF Raising Day, 2021

  • BSF recently celebrated its 57th raising day on December 1, 2021. The 14th Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, graced the occasion and protracted his wishes on his official social media page, encouraging the team’s professionalism and humanitarian efforts during such a catastrophic period. Also, he extended his respect for the force of contribution and dedication towards ensuring the country’s security.
  • Recently, the program was celebrated in Jaislamer, magnifying with honourable chief guests. A parade took place with frontiers and contingents of the BSF troops all over the country, which witnessed myriad followers. The event is also graced by numerous cultural events remembering the sacrifices of unsung heroes.
  • Various contingents, including the camel and motorcycle team, foot, horse & dog squad, etc., took part in the grandeur event, which had bands and jamboree of fests.
  • The BSF initially encountered many challenges like smuggling and tunnelling near the borders of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • It is evident that the force successfully combated the problems and ensured the defence of people living around by arranging certain Civic Action Camps to regale. They further organised medical camps and provided other necessary amenities to support the citizens.
  • The BSF Raising Day 2022 has high expectations, and it is always headed for betterment in living conditions and dedicated itself to securing every individual from various threats and attacks.

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Major Events on BSF Raising Day


On this day, the families of BSF are respectfully greeted for their courage, professionalism, and contribution to securing India and humanitarian efforts in times of crisis, which is followed every year and will be made on BSF Raising Day 2022.


A parade follows it up in honour to serve and protect. This is done to express the celebration of an important event that has taken place a long time back.

Hoist National Flag

As the National flag is a symbol of pride and represents the country, it is hoisted on all significant events and thus reminds people of the sacrifices that soldiers, forces, armies do for the government and its citizens. Not only this, it gives us an assurance of unity and an inspiration to live in peace and harmony. It displays a symbol of National joy, festivals, and achievements.

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How did BSF Raising Day Come Into Existence?

  • After the India-Pakistan war, the BSF Raising Day came into existence to ensure border security and related matters. In January, India faced the outrageous act of Pakistan in the Kanjarkot, an area situated in Gujarat.
  • To stop this, our then honourable 3rd Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri forthwith decided to create a single force to safeguard the international orders. Khusro Faramurz Rustamji was responsible for selecting people already working in the air force, navy, police, and army for its establishment. After reaching Delhi and handing over the IGP charge of Madhya Pradesh. He joined on July 21, and was thus appointed as the organisation’s head.
  • Since the BSF needed some intellectual officers, he sent a team of officers to rural areas of the country and successfully added 12 new battalions of the youth. Later on, 15 other companies were merged with the BSF in 1966 posted in Jammu and Kashmir. K F Rustamji was the first Director-General of BSF from the Indian Police Service.

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The most significant defence force for the international borders and the BSF Raising Day-Date is celebrated on December 1 of every year, acknowledging the courage and sacrifice of prominent leaders working for the country’s security.

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Frequently Asked Questions about BSF Raising Day


What is the motto of the border security force?

The main objective is to secure the International borders from various threats. DUTY INTO DEATH is the preliminary motto and maintains the peace by ensuring the safety of the border populace, where the troop leaders are solemnly dedicated to their profession.


How many sectors are there in the BSF?

The BSF is divided into two major sectors: the western sector located on the Indo-Pakistan border and the eastern sector to host security issues like smuggling, tunnelling, illegal immigration, etc.

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