Project ARYA (Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture)

Project ARYA focuses on empowering and involving the rural youth in various agricultural and allied sector entrepreneurial activities. The aim of the project is to generate employment, ensure sustainable income and further develop agriculture and allied activities in rural areas. The project has been implemented since 2015-16 by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) through its agricultural extension division.

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Objectives of Project ARYA

ICAR aims to achieve the following objectives through project ARYA:

  • Attract and empower the rural youth by involving them in agricultural development.
  • Generate employment and a regular flow of income stream for the rural youth.
  • To support the rural youth in setting up network groups to take up resource and capital intensive activities like value addition, processing and marketing.
  • To demonstrate functional linkage with different stakeholders and institutions for convergence of opportunities available under various programmes for sustainable development of youth.
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Facts about Project ARYA

  • Project ARYA is operational in 25 States through Krishi Vikas Kendras (KVKs). One district from each state is selected for the project.
  • Technical partners for the project include ICAR Institutes and Agricultural Universities.
  • 200-300 rural youths (in one district) are identified and provided entrepreneurial and skill development training so that they can set up micro-enterprise units in the areas like apiary, mushroom, seed processing, dairy, goatry, poultry, carp-hatchery, vermi-compost etc.
  • One or two enterprise units will be set up at Krishi Vikas Kendras (KVKs) so that they can serve as entrepreneurial training units for farmers.

Benefits of Project ARYA

The benefits of project ARYA are given below:

  • It will generate a regular stream of income for the youth in rural areas.
  • It will provide employment opportunities and absorb underemployed and unemployed rural youth in secondary agriculture and service related activities in rural areas.
  • It will encourage the rural youth to pursue farming as a profession.
  • It will help in agricultural development and improve the overall economic situation in rural areas.
  • It can reduce migration of youth from rural areas, if sufficient employment opportunities are available in the villages.
  • It can solve the food security problem associated with small holdings and rising population in the country.

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