World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is observed on 27 of October every year to honour audio-visual preservation professionals and institutions that safeguard our heritage for future generations. The day was chosen by UNESCO in 2005 to raise awareness of the significance and preservation risks of recorded sound and audiovisual documents (films, sound and video recordings, radio and television programmes). In this article we shall read about the day, its history and its significance.

As UPSC surprises aspirants with questions linked with what usually is assumed to be trivia; it is advisable that one must scroll through the facts about World Day for Audiovisual Heritage to get the basic information. The topic, if at all asked in the UPSC Prelims, will form the part of the current affairs.

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Facts about World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

Read the below-mentioned facts about World Day for Audiovisual Heritage; and aid your IAS Exam preparation along with other competitive exams’ preparation. 

Observed on 27 October
Theme of 2021 Your Window to the World
Celebrated since 2005

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About World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

  • The day brings the priceless heritage of the Audiovisual documents to notice and tell the stories of lives and cultures from across the world. 
  • The objective of the day is to sensitise people across the world for conserving and safeguarding valuable audio-visual resources for future generations. In the era of digitalisation everyone, particularly the younger generation is going digital in almost all the significant aspects of life. 
  • Therefore, keeping that in mind World Day for Audiovisual Heritage reminds us that even though we can move forward, it is important to carry our heritage and make sure it doesn’t get lost.
  • The day is observed every year around the world with a unique theme. The Theme for 2021 was “Your Window to the World.” The theme remains relevant as it signifies that these audiovisual sources provide a window to the world in the form of documentary heritage objects.
  • The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is a key initiative for both UNESCO and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA).

History of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

  • This day was adopted to commemorate the day in 1980 by the 21st session of the General Conference of the Recommendation in a bid to safeguard and preserve the moving Images.
  • But it was the 33rd session of UNESCO’s General Conference in which 33C/Resolution 53 was adopted to proclaim 27 October as World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.

Significance of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

  • The day is significant as it motivates the preservation of work of professionals against the range of social, financial, political, technical and other factors that may pose a threat to the safeguards of audio-visual heritage. Some of these threats could be obsolete technology, lack of attention, chemical decay etc.
  • It reminds the new generation to not forget our heritage while going forward in the digital age.
  • The vision of the day is in resonance with the vision of the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Project, launched in 1992, which is to provide full protection and recognition of cultural morals and practises and accessibility to all without any hindrance.

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