What is the Ashuganj Port?

Ashuganj port is a popular river port in eastern Bangladesh which is also popular for being one of the notable industrial ports of the delta region(Bengal).

Bangladesh government has allowed the use of the port by India for various transportation activities. One of the noted reports confirms the transport of 10,000 tonnes of rice through the shipping facility at the Ashuganj port.

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Where is the Ashuganj port located?

The Ashuganj port is located on the Meghna river that is a part of eastern Bangladesh.

What are the benefits derived from the Ashuganj port?

The Ashuganj port facilitates electricity production by being present in the vicinity of the thermal Ashuganj power station(one of the largest power station).

The port also serves as one of the terminals of a chemical and fertilizer plant and other smaller power plants. The port also provides warehouse and shipyard facilities.

Explain the transit process at the Ashuganj port in brief.

Ashuganj port is a transhipment port for cargo transportation to the State of Tripura. The unloaded cargo at the Ashuganj port is transported by road to Agartala. The same occurs in the reverse route as well. The transit route allows access to many north-eastern states of India.

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