Best of PIB: 11 Jan 2017

Tourist Arrivals based on e-Tourist Visa

  • The inflow of tourists on e-Tourist visas for the month of December has increased by 56.6% compared to the same period in the last year
  • The highest number of tourists arrivals are from UK followed by USA followed by Russia

               About e-Tourist Visa

  • The government has extended this facility to 161 countries arriving at 16 international airports in India
  • Initially it was named as Visa on Arrival (in November 2014) but later renamed to e-Tourist Visa as the first name led to certain confusion
  • Under this the visitor is supposed to apply for this visa online and also pay the prescribed fees online. In a span of 72 hours the visitor will get the travel authentication document whose copy he has keep while travelling.
  • The government has announced four slabs e-Tourist Visa- zero, $25, $48 and $60 (in November 2015)

                About tourism in India

  • The government has set a target of receiving 1% of the global tourists
  • As of now India’s share of International Tourist Arrivals in 0.7% and the share of International Tourist Receipts is 1.6%


DEFCOM – 2017

  • Is an annual seminar organized jointly by the Corps of Signals of Indian Army and Confederation of Indian Industry
  • Is the forum where interactions are held between officers of the armed forces, Indian Industry, Academia and R&D organisation on matters related to operational communication systems for the army
  • Will be held on 23rd and 24th March 2017


Promoting cashless transactions

  • Decision taken by ministry of agriculture
  • The cashless drive will be focused on Krishi Vikas Kendras and Imdian Council for Agriculture Research
  • The ICAR will get an award of Rs 5 lakh and KVK Rs 1 lakh if they can achieve 100% cashless transactions within a week and if they can achieve it within two weeks, they will get Rs 3 lakh and Rs 50000 respectively and it will further change to Rs 2 lakh and Rs 25000 if they can achieve 100% cashless transactions within three weeks


 Agreement to boost cyber security

  • Between two countries- India and USA
  • Between Computer Emergency Response Team (India) and Department of Homeland Security to boost co-operation in the field of cyber security
  • The MoU intends closer co-operation and exchange of information pertaining to cyber security


Consultative Committee meeting on Accessible India campaign held

  • As per the Census 2011, there are 2.68 crore Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) who constitute 2.21% of the total population of our country
  • The Prime Minister on 3rdDecember 2015 had launched ‘Accessible India Campaign’ which aims at creating universal accessibility for person with disabilities in built Environment, Transport System and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) eco-system




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