Best of PIB: 28 Feb 2017 for UPSC Exam

Minister of Railways Flags off Country’s first Antyodaya Express
running between Ernakulum – Howrah

About Antyodaya Express

  • Antyodaya Express is a long-distance, fully unreserved, superfast train service, for the common man to be operated on dense routes
  • Antyodaya Express will have facilities like luggage rocks, potable drinking water dispenser, mobile charging points, modular toilets, LED lights etc

New Catering Policy 2017

  • IRCTC shall manage catering service on all mobile units including catering services on all new trains/ trains started on short notice. Pantry car contracts awarded by zonal railways shall also be reassigned to IRCTC.
  • Meals for all mobile units will be picked up from the nominated kitchens, owned operated and managed by IRCTC. IRCTC shall develop different archetypes of kitchens keeping in view supply of food and usage assessed
  • IRCTC shall develop the Business model for the kitchens so that they can expand and enhance the service.
  • IRCTC shall prepare and submit a detailed concession agreement for setting up/development of the kitchens for approval of Railway Board.
  • IRCTC shall not out rightly outsource or issue licenses for provision of catering services to private licensees.
  • IRCTC shall determine the menu of standard meals and A-la-carte items. The standard meals served in trains shall be within the fixed tariff approved by Railway Board.
  • IRCTC may involve/empanel Self Help groups for providing catering related services


India signs Financing Agreement with World Bank for US$ 63 
Million for Tejaswini project

It’s a project for socio-economic empowerment of adolescent girls and young women

About Tejaswini project

  • The project seeks to empower the adolescent girls with basic life skills and thereafter provide further opportunities to acquire market driven skill training or completion of secondary education, depending on the inclination of the beneficiary
  • The project will be delivered in 17 Districts of Jharkhand

The project has three main components

    1. Expanding social, educational and economic opportunities
    2. Intensive service delivery
    3. State capacity-building and implementation support
  • About 680,000 adolescent girls and young women in the project Districts are expected to benefit from the program
  • The closing date for the project is 30th June, 2021


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