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Rajya Sabha TV programs and discussions are very insightful and informative from a UPSC perspective. In this article, we provide a gist of the RSTV Big Picture debate on boosting development in Eastern India, especially Varanasi and adjoining areas. This topic is important for the economy section under the UPSC syllabus.

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Anchor: Teena Jha


  1. Smita Mishra, Senior Journalist 
  2. Sanjay Singh, Senior Journalist


The discussion focuses on the government’s big developmental push in Varanasi that is believed to ensure better lives for people in not just Varanasi but the entire Purvanchal region. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of various development projects in Varanasi worth around 1500 crore rupees. The various development projects are propelling the ancient city of Kashi on the path of development while keeping its essence safe.

Varanasi: The Heritage City and The Smart City

  • Varanasi is pitched as the gateway of development for eastern India. The city, being the parliamentary constituency of the Prime Minister, has been given special attention since 2014 as it also sets a standard for the MPs of Parliament with regards to their contributions and ambitions with respect to their respective constituencies.
  • Besides the cultural and spiritual importance of the city, there is a geographical aspect of Varanasi as it impacts not only Eastern Uttar Pradesh but also western Bihar in terms of Education and Health.
  • Education-Employment-Skill Development in Varanasi will have multiplier effects.
  • The city has to be developed on modern lines besides preserving its spiritual essence and ancient heritage.
  • The various projects inaugurated by the Prime Minister include a 100-bed MCH wing in BHU, multi-level parking at Godauliya, Ro-Ro Vessels for tourism development on River Ganga, a three-lane flyover bridge on the Varanasi Ghazipur Highway, and an International Cooperation and Convention Centre called Rudraksha, which has been built with Japanese assistance.
  • There have been continuous efforts in order to commensurate Varanasi and the adjoining areas with the rest of developed India.

Parliamentary Constituency: The Relative Picture of Varanasi

  • Uttar Pradesh has had many prime ministerial constituencies in the past.
  • The present Prime Minister of India holds a vision for his constituency and the rest of India.
  • There used to be a refrain among tourists to Varanasi from or beyond India about the physical situation of the city prior to 2014 which was that it was dirty and congested.
  • However, the electrification, road development, Kashi Corridor are some of the visible outlook changes that one experiences in present-day Varanasi.

Rudraksha: International Cooperation and Convention Centre 

  • Varanasi being the closest city to Sarnath has a direct connection with the people of Japan and other South Asian nations that follow Buddhism.
  • The Japanese assistance in Rudraksha will trigger an international curiosity for Varanasi and India, globally.
  • The convention centre  primarily focuses on cultural & social connectivity and will help in longer tourist stays which will percolate into increased economic activities.
  • It is believed to be a futurist convention centre. It will also help facilitate national-level conferences outside the National Capital.


  • The developmental push in Varanasi will percolate to the adjoining areas strengthening the Eastern India Development.
  • The cultural gains of Varanasi will eventually increase with the infrastructure-led changes in years to come.

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