Difference Between Right Wing and Left Wing

Right-Wing Politics and Left-Wing Politics are two warring ideologies different in their outlook and applications.

Right-Wing politics is centered around beliefs that certain social orders and hierarchies are inevitable and natural, with this belief being supported by natural law or tradition.

Left-wing politics supports social equality often in opposition to social hierarchy or any other form of class division.

Difference Between Left Wing and Right Wing - UPSC Polity

The above are just some of the differences between Right-Wing and Left-Wing Politics that this article will highlight within the context of the IAS Exam                                                                                                                                                

Differences between Right Wing and Left Wing



Left-wing politics is more liberal in its approach and outlook Right-wing politics are more conservative.
Left-wing economics policies involve reducing income equality, increasing tax rates for the wealthy, and government spending on social programs and infrastructure Its economic policies involve low taxes, less regulation on businesses by the government
Those belonging to the left-spectrum of politics believe that society will benefit from an expanded role for the government Right-wing ideologies believe that the best outcome for society is delivered when individual rights and civil liberties are paramount with limited involvement of the government
Left-wing politics is characterized by an emphasis on equality, fraternity, progress, and reform Right-wing politics is characterized by ideas of authority, hierarchy, tradition, and nationalism
Left-wing nationalism is based on social equality, popular sovereignty, and national-determination. It associates itself closely with national liberation movements Right-wing nationalism is influenced by Romantic Nationalism where the state derives its legitimacy from the culture it governs, including, language, race, and custom “born” within this culture
Left-wing politics is traditionally against religious institutions and believe that state and religion must be separate from each other (Secularism) Right-wing politics have always found supporters who believe that religion should play an expanded role in society.
Populist ideas in the left-wing do not include horizontal exclusion and will rely more on egalitarian ideals. Populism is a recurring theme in right-wing political circles. Populism is a political approach that appeals to ordinary people who feel that their rights are ignored.
The term ‘Left-wing’ has a similar origin during the French revolution where anti-monarchy revolutionaries were seated on the left side of the hall. The term ‘Right-wing’ has its origins during the days of the French Revolution (1789-1799) where the supporters of the Monarchy were seated on the right hall of the National Assembly

Left-wing and right-wing politics is a featured topic in the Polity segment of the UPSC Exam. Aspirants can find more study materials for this segment and related articles through the links given below:

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Difference Between Left Wing and Right Wing


What is the key difference between Left-wing and Right-wing?

The key difference between left-wing and right-wing is that Left-wing politics is more liberal in its approach and outlook, whereas the right wing is more conservative.

Which among left and right-wing is more liberal?

The left wing in politics is more liberal in comparison to the right wing.

What is the ideology of the Right-wing?

Right-wing ideology defines conservative ideology. These follow a more strict and conservative approach towards politics.

Where did the terms left wing and right wing originate from?

The Left Wing and the Right Wing were used for the first time during the making of the French Constitution that is in France.

How does Left -wing and Right – wing ideologies differ in terms of economic policies?

The Difference between Left Wing and Right Wing ideologies in terms of Economic policies is that the right-wing believes there should be less government regulation on business and that private enterprise is the best way to stimulate economic growth. Left-wing believes in more government regulation to prevent abuses by businesses and that a mixed economy is best for growth.

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