Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) - India Ranks 72 among 132 Countries (UPSC GS-II)

‘Enable’, ‘attract’, ‘grow’, ‘retain’ are the pillars of the annual bench-marking report called Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI). The index is released by INSEAD (Graduate Business School) in partnership with Adecco Group (Human Resource Group) and Google. GTCI was first launched in 2013. At present, 132 countries and 155 cities are ranked in this Global Talent Competitiveness Index. India ranks at 72nd position in Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020. Switzerland tops the index followed by the US and Singapore.

The international indices are an important part of UPSC GS-II and questions related to these have been frequently asked in both IAS Exam Prelims and Mains.

Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020 is important for the upcoming exam; hence this article is going to provide you with some important facts about the report 2020 and how does India performs. You can also download the GTCI 2020 notes PDF for UPSC 2021.

Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020 Facts

Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020
When was the GTCI 2020 Report published? 23 January 2020
Where was the GTCI 2020 Report published? Davos, Switzerland
Who released the GTCI Report 2020? INSEAD in partnership with Adecco Group & Google
What is the theme of the GTCI Report 2020?

Global Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

What is the rank of India in Global Talent Competitive Index 2020? India ranks 72
What is BRICS grouping rank in GTCI report 2020?
  • Brazil – 80
  • Russia – 48
  • India – 72
  • China – 42
  • South Africa – 78
What is the rank of India in global talent Competitive Index 2019? India ranked 80th

 7th Edition of Global Talent Competitiveness Index – GTCI 2020

The INSEAD released the 7th Edition of GTCI in January 2020 under the theme ‘Global Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.’ How the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the nature of work and forcing a re-evaluation of workplace practices, corporate structures and innovation ecosystems was the dimension explored by this report.

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Features of Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020:

  1. The GTCI Report 2020 touched the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence as it has become the heart of the debate in this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and has become a game-changer in every industry and sector
  2. The GTCI report covers national and organisational parameters and generates insights to inspire action
  3. It covered 70 variables for this the year 2020
  4. 132 Countries across all groups of income and levels of development are covered in this index
  5. 155 cities are covered
  6. GTCI 2020 has compared performances of the countries over two three-year periods: 2015–2017 against 2018–2020
  7. Input-Output model is used to conclude this index; is composed of 6 pillars:

Global Talent Competitiveness Index - GTCI - Input-Output Model

Highlights of Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020

The highlights of the GTCI 2020 report/ 7th Edition of GTCI are mentioned in the table below:

The report mentioned that the gap between almost all high-income countries (which it called Talent Champions) and the rest of the world is widening
GTCI 2020 mentioned a proactive, cooperative approach to turning AI into a force for good
To introduce Artificial Intelligence to organisations, communities, or societies as a whole; the report suggested acceptability as a condition for sustainability
The report reflected hope towards emerging countries to leapfrog through opportunities offered by AI
The emergence of AI in the workplace requires a massive re-skilling of the workforce
Cities are striving to become AI hubs and attract relevant talents

Top 20 Countries in GTCI 2020

Europe dominates the top 20 rankings as 13 countries in the top 12 are from the continent. All Nordic countries can also be found in this high-performance group. Check the top 20 countries mentioned by GTCI in the report 2020 below:

Global Talent Competitiveness Index - GTCI - Top 20 Countries

Top Cities Performers in GTCI 2020:

Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) - Top Cities

India’s position in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index

Year India’s Rank in GTCI
2020 72

  • India’s biggest challenge is to attract talent and retain them in the country
  • India’s Vocational and Technical Skill score is 76 while secured 113th place in the Mid-Level Skills list
2019 80
2018 81

Global Talent Competitiveness Index – UPSC Notes:-Download PDF Here

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