Important Economics Topics For UPSC Prelims 2018

UPSC Prelims is just around the corner. It is now the time to put all the books aside and revise. With just
about a week in hand, it is very important to revise what was studied in the last one year. Economics
is one of the four core subjects from which one can expect a significant number of questions in the
Prelims exam. A huge chunk of questions from Economics could be from the Current Affairs. To
make revision easier for you, Byju’s presents the most important topics from Economics for UPSC
Prelims 2018. The document contains all the burning topics from GST to PNB Scam to the most
important segments from the Economic Survey 2018. It is highly likely that the questions would
appear in the upcoming Prelims from these trending topics.

Download Important Economics Topics Preliminary Question
Important Topics in Economics for UPSC Prelims 2018