List of NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation

Find all the list of NCERT Books for UPSC IAS Preparation for prelims and mains. The list of books consists for each subject like history, geography, polity and others. 

Primarily, it is recommended to candidates to refer traditional books, newspapers, magazine, internet and other resources that include the basic NCERT Textbooks to refer and make notes. The exam demands a wide reading as the UPSC Syllabus is vast. Most of the candidates question will be that which NCERT books to read for UPSC Exam and to answer this question here we provide a complete list of NCERT Books for IAS Preparation. In this article,  you will get a list of the must read NCERT books for IAS exam.

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The NCERTs are considered to be indispensable and best books for IAS preparation. Read through to know the NCERT booklist for UPSC.

Most important NCERT books for UPSC:

List of NCERT books for Polity/Polity NCERT for UPSC

General Knowledge and Political science about the Indian constitution play an important role in today’s competitive examinations. The NCERT books are very useful to understand the basic ideas in a very easy manner.

● Class XI – Political Science: Indian Constitution at Work (New)

● Class XII – Political Science I: Contemporary World Politics(New)

● Class XII – Political Science II: Politics in India since Independence(New)

List of NCERT books for Geography/NCERT for Geography UPSC/NCERT Geography for UPSC

The NCERT books are very useful handbook for geography. This NCERT book is helpful for general studies in both Civil Services Preliminary and main exam point of view and essential for optional also. The basic concepts of Geography, which is a crucial topic in Civil services Preliminary in examination is covered in this book extensively.

● Class XI Indian Physical Environment (New)

● Class XII India-People and Economy (New)

● Class VIII Resource and Development (New)

● Class XI Fundamentals of Physical Geography (New)

● Class VI Land and People Part-I (Old)

● Class VII Land and People Part-II (Old)

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      List of NCERT books for History

The History is an interesting subject which takes us to the world of nostalgia. The best book suggested by successful candidate is NCERT -Ancient, Medieval, and modern India. This book extensively covers the each and every event in a chronological order with adequate data needed for UPSC civil services examination.

● Class  VI Ancient India (Old)

● Class  VII Medieval India (Old)

● Class  XI Ancient India (Old)

● Class  XI Medieval India (Old)

● Class  IX Story of Civilization Part-I (Old)

● Class  X Story of Civilization Part-II (Old)

● Class  VIII Modern India (Old)

● Class  XII Modern India (Old)

List of NCERT books for Economics

Economics is the hardest subject for some candidates. The basic reason for this is they do not have any basic idea in economics. Candidate those who are having basic conceptual clarity can further go deeply into Indian economy and its current scenario. The NCERT books are the fine book recommended by experts for the UPSC civil services examination. This book discusses all the basic concepts, is essential.

● XI Indian Economic Development (New)

● XII Macro Economics (New)

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