Jasmeet Singh Sandhu IAS UPSC Topper, AIR-3, 2015

Jasmeet Singh Sandhu IAS UPSC Topper, AIR-3, 2015

The Delhi-based Jasmeet Singh Sandhu UPSC Topper, an Indian Revenue Service officer is one among the UPSC toppers and was ranked three in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2015.

Jasmeet Singh Sandhu

Jasmeet Singh Sandhu Background

  • Jasmeet Singh Sandhu completed his schooling from Sacred Heart Convent School, Ludhiana.
  • Jasmeet Singh Sandhu is a graduate from IIT-Roorkee.
  • He started his preparations for Civil Services exam in 2010 but could not clear it in the first 2 attempts and got into IRS in his 3rd attempt.
  • When he cleared the IRS exam and secured rank 3 in his fourth attempt, he was undergoing training for the IRS, at the National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics in Faridabad.

UPSC Topper Strategy

  • Sandhu didn’t have any fixed routine for study but when he studied he grasped all properly.
  • He only took IAS coaching for a month. For more on IAS coaching, click here.
  • He chose Punjabi Literature as his optional paper for the Mains Examination in 2015.

UPSC Prelims Strategy

  • After finishing the syllabus, Sandhu took mock papers. After taking the papers and evaluating his performance, he would re-read all those topics where he did not perform well.
  • You can check out our all India UPSC test series at the linked article.
  • For the CSAT paper, if you are comfortable with the topics, you only have to practice the papers.

UPSC Mains Strategy

  • Sandhu recommends studying every topic in detail.
  • For example, if you are reading a topic ‘pollution’, you should read and understand it from multiple perspectives such as, direct and indirect causes, effects, etc.
  • You should also the historical, environmental, legal, political, social, ethical, etc. dimensions to the problem and offer solutions.
  • For daily current affairs, you can check out our regularly-updated segments in the linked article.
  • Sandhu’s optional was Punjabi Literature. In his previous two attempts, he had opted for psychology and public administration as his optionals. The decision to change his optional to Punjabi Literature proved very fruitful for him.
  • Selecting an optional subject is a very important decision and it must be fixed on only after due consideration of all the pros and cons. Get tips on how to select an optional subject for the IAS mains here.

You can also check out more about the optional subjects Sandhu dropped in the table below:

IAS Topper Marks

In the next table, you can check out Sandhu’s marks obtained in the UPSC IAS exam.





GS 1


GS 2


GS 3


GS 4


Optional 1


Optional 2


Total (Written)




Final Total

1014/2025 [50.07%]

In 2015, the first rank went to Tina Dabi, who had political science as her optional. The second rank went to Athar Amir Ul Shafi Khan. You can also read their UPSC success stories below.

Message for Aspirants

Jasmeet Singh Sandhu says that there is no fixed formula for success in the IAS exam. Studying diligently and smartly will only ensure you make the cut in this “mother of all exams”.

Get inspired with similar success stories.

Jasmeet Singh Sandhu Facts

Rank: 3

CSE: 2015

Attempt: Fourth

Optional: Punjabi Literature

Education: IIT Roorkee

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