Topic of the Day – The FCRA, 2010

This article talks about the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA) for the UPSC exam. This is an important topic that is covered under both polity and economy.

Salient Features of the Act

  • Any association granted prior permission or registered with the Central Government under Section 6 or under the repealed FCRA, 1976, shall be deemed to have been granted prior permission or registered, as the case may be, under FCRA, 2010 and such registration shall be valid for a period of five years from the date on which the new Act has come into force.
  • While the provisions of the repealed FCRA, 1976 have generally been retained, the FCRA, 2010 is an improvement over the repealed Act as, in order to prevent misutilisation of the foreign contribution received by the associations, more stringent provisions have been made.
  • Any organisation of a political nature and any association or company engaged in the production and broadcast of audio or audio visual news or current affairs programme have been placed in the category prohibited to accept foreign contribution.
  • A new provision has been introduced to the effect that no person who receives foreign contribution as per provisions of this Act, shall transfer to another person unless that person is also authorized to receive foreign contribution as per rules made by the Central Government.
  • Another new provision has been made to the effect that foreign contribution shall be utilized for the purpose for which it has been received and such contribution can be used for administrative expenses up to 50% of such contribution received in a financial year. However, administrative expenses exceeding fifty per cent of the contribution to be defrayed with the prior approval of the Central Government.
  • New provisions have been made for suspension as well as cancellation of registration granted for violation of the provisions of the Act. Such provisions did not exist in the repealed Act.
  • New provision has also been made for management of foreign contribution and assets created out of such contribution of persons whose certificates have been cancelled.
  • Under the repealed Act, there was no time limit regarding the validity of registration certificate granted to the associations etc. for accepting foreign contribution. FCRA, 2010 provides that the certificate granted shall be valid for a period of five years and the prior permission shall be valid for the specific purpose or specific amount of foreign contribution for which permission was granted. Further, every person who has been granted a certificate shall renew it within six months before the expiry of the period of certificate.
  • No funds other than foreign contribution shall be deposited in the FC account to be separately maintained by the associations etc. Every bank shall report to such authority, as may be prescribed, the amount of foreign remittance received, sources and manner and other particulars.
  • Provision has been made for inspection of accounts if the registered person or person to whom prior permission has been granted fails to furnish or the intimation given is not in accordance with law.
  • A new provision has been introduced to the effect that the assets of any person who has become defunct shall be disposed of in such manner as may be, specified by the Central Government.
  • A new provision has been introduced to the effect that any person, who knowingly gives false intimation and seeks prior permission or registration by means of fraud, false representation or concealment of material fact, shall, on conviction by Court, would be liable to imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or fine or with both.
  • Any person contravening the provisions of the Act shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years or with fine or with both.

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